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XFasten Vinyl Electrical Tape | 3/4 Inch x 60 Foot | Multicolor | 6-Pack

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Original price $10.99
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  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Electrical Tape that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures up to 176 ℉ (80 ℃), making it an all-rounder tape for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Curling resistant and does not melt, fuse or sludge off into a greasy residue over time. Superior 7-mil electrical tape that is easy to manage, wrap, cut and adhere to both smooth and textured/rough surfaces.
  • Sticks and seals well. Can be applied on soldered joints and exposed cables that may be exposed or submerged on liquids like water, oil or grease.
  • Instead of spending more for buying a new charger, cable, or wire, the XFasten Electrical Tape provides a quick fix to exposed and chewed off wires, freshly soldered parts, and other damaged wiring components.
  • Rated up to 800-Volts resistance, excellent flame retardant, water resistant, stretches and conforms well; COMES IN A PACK OF 6-giving you the best value for your money!


The XFasten Vinyl Electrical Tape is a heavy duty high voltage resistant tape that is meant to take a beating even from harsh weather conditions outdoors. It is an ideal repair tape for exposed wires, newly soldered components and chewed off electrical components which may be exposed or submerged in water, oil or any form of moisture. Moreover, it is UL registered and our manufacturing line is ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management Systems.

Why Choose The XFasten Electrical Tape?

DESIGNED TO TAKE A BEATING. The XFasten Electrical Tape aims to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 176 ℉ and harsh outdoor weather conditions such as heavy rains, freezing, and direct sunlight. The tape is made from premium rubber and vinyl composite which makes it water resistant, corrosion proof, abrasion resistant and an excellent fire retardant. This tape can take a beating from any external force.

SAY GOODBYE TO MESSY GOO AND RESIDUE. The XFasten Electrical Tape is designed to resist melting and fusing over time, reducing the likelihood of it being degraded into a messy black gooey residue.

EASY TO MANAGE AND INSTALL. Many tapes curl to its side making it hard to handle and messy to install. The XFasten Electrical Tape, however, has a superior pressure sensitive adhesive which makes it resistant to curling. This trait allows the electrical tape to be easy to manage and install.

CAN BE SUBMERGED TO WATER AND OIL. Many applications need to be immersed in water, oil or any liquid substances. As such, we made a tape that is both resistant to liquid and vapor solutions, ensuring that your repairs go well permanently.

Why Choose The XFasten Brand?

We listen to your needs. Our products continuously improve due to the seamless integration of past comments and suggestions from our buyers. We listen to your ideas, and we take them seriously especially in the execution of these improvements.