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XFasten Heavy Duty Clear Packing Tape, 2-Inch x 55-Yard, Pack of 6

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In the scope of packaging, two things define how good a tape is. How well can it hold out and seal large and overstuffed boxes? Moreover, how fit and strong can its adhesive stick on many carton surfaces? The XFasten Packaging Tape was made to give an ideal solution to those two standard questions in the field of industrial packaging.

What Makes it the Best Packaging Tape on the Market?

-Strong polymer tape that can withstand up to 15 kilograms of tensile stress- making it an ideal tape for bulky and stuffed packages.

Heavy Duty adhesive is optimized for cardboard, carton and recycled paper surfaces which are the most common packaging container materials- making it a tailor-fitted adhesive tape that can grant reinforced adhesion for long term storage and transit.

-Does not tear, curl or split unnecessarily but is easy to cut, making it convenient to use for fast paced packing.

-Glossy and crystal clear tape that does not yellow out over time, making it a perfect tape for bar codes and logos.

-Unwinds smoothly and quietly, making it ideal for office and home environments where noise should be kept at minimal levels.

-Comes in a pack of 6 55-yard rolls giving you the best value for your money.

-Passed through stringent tests that are ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified and is compliant with US Postal Regulations for standard and heavy duty packaging.

Why Should It Deserve a Space in Your Home and Office?

The XFasten Packaging Tape is a packing tape that is built to assure its users that all their packages are secure and safe. We have invited consumers to test out and give their opinions about the tapes that are available previously. We then consolidated every strong point of all tapes and devised new manufacturing processes to address the common problem of current generation tapes.

  • Strongest Crystal Clear Packaging Tape. Heavy Duty Crystal-Clear-to-the-Core Packaging Tape that can withstand up to 15 kg of tensile stress and does not distort barcodes or any logo underneath, making it the strongest tape for warehouse packaging, storage, moving, shipping, carton sealing, transport, and general purpose wrapping.
  • Conveniently Easy To Manage and Apply. Optimized 2.75 mil tape that resists splitting, curling and unnecessary tearing. Unwinds smoothly without much noise making it easy to manage, handle, cut and apply.
  • Industrial Grade Adhesive Holding Power. Holds out perfectly even on overstuffed packages and cartons making ideal for heavy duty tasks that need industrial grade adhesion and holding power. Adhesive sticks to smooth and textured surfaces especially on cardboard and carton materials.
  • Exceeds US Postal Regulations. Tough polypropylene tape that meets the US Postal Regulations for standard and heavy duty packages and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Compliant. Goes through stringent quality line tests before it is shipped to your home, office or warehouse.
  • Excellent Shelf Life and Performance. UV Light resistant giving it a 4-year shelf life, prevents yellowing and oxidation and can withstand a relatively large temperature range (14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit). Compatible to many tape dispensers on the market.