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XFasten Blue Painters Tape, Multi-Use, 2 Inches x 60 Yards

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The XFasten Blue painter's tape allows the American household to achieve a professional-quality paint job by making an air tight adhesion to desired surfaces in order to prevent paint bleed-through, hence achieving sharp paint lines in the end.

Premium Quality Tape that Stays Up to 60 Days Without Leaving Any Sticky Residue

The XFasten Blue Masking Tape can stay up to 2 months without having any gaps on its adhesion allowing you to have prolonged paint job projects. It does not leave any sticky residue, giving you an overall streamlined and clean look.

Does not Damage Delicate Surfaces

Whether it be untreated or treated wood panels, glass, metal, porcelain, tiles or textured surfaces, you can never go wrong with this painter tape. XFasten's adhesive is top of the line and goes through several stringent laboratory tests just to ensure that it stays strong but at the same time not aggressive enough to pull off surface finishes. The result is an extremely stable adhesive material that will protect and ensure the integrity of your surface finishing.

UV, Sunlight, and Humidity Resistant Tape

The blue masking tape backing is specially treated to resist UV, direct sunlight and humidity. This tape is extremely convenient to use on any weather conditions. Even if the weather changes from time to time, this painter tape is sure to stay consistent and strong.

Easy To Unwind and Install

The problem that many people encounter with adhesives is that when they peel and cut off a strip from the roll, the strip starts to curl unnecessarily on the fingers, making the whole process extremely messy. That is not a problem with XFasten as it is treated to resist curling but still is highly conformable.

  • Excellent painters tape that stays in place to prevent paint bleeding and to deliver sharp paint lines.
  • For delicate surfaces like wood trim, textured walls, smooth surfaces, porcelain, metal, and glass.
  • Stays up to 60 days and can be removed easily without leaving any sticky and messy residue.
  • Does not cause surface damage on delicate finishes and is resistant to UV light and humidity.
  • Comes off the roll and unwinds easily, does not curl unnecessarily in the hand, conformable and can be applied easily.