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XFasten Copper Foil Tape, 1-Inch x 12-Yards


The XFasten Copper Foil Tape is an innovative copper foil adhesive that features a dual-side conductive film, making it perfect and compatible for various electrical circuit projects that require copper strips that are thin enough to be contoured and fit into tight corners but still durable enough to withstand tension and long-term usage.

Where Can You Use the XFasten Copper Tape?

+ Can be used for EMI shielding in electric guitars and other electronic devices

+ For stained glass crafting

+ Beginner, Intermediate and Enthusiast level of soldering

+ DIY electric circuits on paper, perfect for introducing kids to simple physics and electronics

+ Grounding, minor repair, alternative wiring on small circuits for electronic devices

+ Heat insulation and preservation

+ Slug repellent on gardens and outdoor set-ups

+ Metallic finishing for decors and art projects

Why Choose the XFasten Copper Tape?

+ Extra long 12-yard roll means that you can have more tape for less price compared to other brands

+ Copper foil roll is spooled properly, making it easy to manage and store

+ Long shelf life and usage lifespan, thanks to it being resistant to corrosion, fading, oxidation, harsh weather elements and constant electric charge

+ Easy to apply, cut and install making it perfect for various projects at home

+ Strong adhesion that does not leave any sticky residue or disrupt the electrical conductivity of the copper strip

+ Sleeker and shinier metallic surface which makes it not only functional but extremely presentable for guitars and other electronic devices that are to be displayed

Here at the XFasten store, we can assure you that we truly care for your satisfaction and happiness. We are just an email away should you have any concerns. We are available 24/7 and will provide immediate guidance to your needs.

  • Dual side conductive copper tape that is ideal for soldering, EMI shielding in electric guitars and other devices, DIY electric circuit projects, stained glass crafting, grounding, minor repairs, heat preservation and insulation, slug repellent and other projects that require versatile electric wiring.
  • Extremely malleable and conformable to contoured surfaces making it perfect for various electric projects, paper circuits, and various exercises for soldering and electronic device repairs. Can be molded into tight corners where only thin electric lines can have access to.
  • Has strong adhesive that does not interfere with the electrical conductivity of the copper and does not leave any residue, making it a good choice for soldering parts of stained glass pieces.
  • Thin and compact copper layer for enhanced flexibility on complex surfaces yet strong and durable enough to last for heavy duty applications on electronic devices or electric guitars.
  • Resistant to oxidation and fading, great heat retardant, weather proof, chemical and corrosion resistant and will last for a long time without being worn down by electric charge and surge.