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XFasten Polyimide Film Tape, 1/2-Inch by 36-Yard, Pack of 2


Brand: XFasten


  • Easy to install Kapton Tape that is ideal for 3D Printing Beds (adheres easily without gaps or air bubbles), Automotive accessory installation, hot air soldering, and electronics repair. Accurate 1 mil thickness isn't too thick nor too thin and can be managed with ease. EACH PURCHASE COMES WITH 2 ROLLS-- giving you the best value for your money!
  • Industrial Grade Polyimide Film that is resistant to chemical corrosion, abrasion, high heat, water, and extreme weather. Can withstand temperatures between -452 ℉ (-268 ℃) to 986 ℉ (530 ℃).
  • Equipped with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that does not melt or fuse on elevated temperatures, making it residue free and surface finish safe. Tape is conformable, enabling it to mask on uneven surfaces.
  • Resists wear and tear and has long lifespan, giving the user multiple usage, 3D prints, solder and repair instances before it needs to be replaced. Flexible and Tough material build.
  • Recommended to use for automotive sensor and manifolds, etching, insulating circuit boards, removing ghosting on LCD touch screens, fiber optics cable, high temperature powder coating, hot air soldering, and semiconductor manufacturing.


The XFasten Polyimide Film Tape is an innovative Kapton Tape that is specifically designed for 3D printing bed modding and other electronics repair that require a medium that has a high resistance both in temperature and voltage.

Why Choose The XFasten Kapton Tape?

DESIGNED FOR THE AVERAGE AMERICAN HOBBYIST AND REPAIR ENTHUSIAST. The XFasten Tape is ensured to have exactly 1 Mil of Tape thickness and 1.2 Mil of pressure sensitive adhesive, the golden ratio in Kapton Tape manufacturing in order to provide a tape that is tough yet flexible and easy to manage and install for it being not too thick nor too thin.

CAN WITHSTAND HARSH CONDITIONS. The XFasten Kapton tape is designed to be both weather and water resistant. It can also withstand chemical corrosion and constant exposure to heat. It is also important to note that the XFasten Polyimide Film is a high heat Kapton Tape which can withstand up to 530℃ of temperature. Here are also some of the technical details of the XFasten Kapton Tape:


Adhesion:Pressure Sensitive Silicone

Film Thickness:1 Mil

Adhesive Thickness:1.2 Mil

Total Thickness: 2.2 Mil

Adhesion To Steel: 25 oz/inch

Tensile Strength: 30 lbs/inch

Elongation: >40%

Dielectric Strength: 7,500 volts

UL-94 Flammability Rating: V-0

Insulation Resistance: 1 million mega ohms

Corrosion Factor: 1

Temperature Resistance: 986 ℉ (530 ℃)

Resistance to acids and solvents: Excellent

Length: 36 Yards/roll, 2 rolls per pack

Why Choose The XFasten Brand?

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