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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Copper Foil Tape, 1" x 12 Yards

1) Make sure that the surface where you would be installing the Copper Tape is clean, dry and dust-free. Thoroughly dust the area, clean it with an alcohol solution (if the surface allows) and let it completely dry before applying the tape.

2) Peel the tape from the roll. The tape itself is easy to tear by hand so you shouldn't have any problem. An important note to make, though: make sure to not touch the adhesive side too much as oils from your hands or any other foreign materials can contaminate the adhesive and lessen its bonding strength.

3) Conform the tape with the surface's texture to eliminate any gaps that may exist in between the tape and the surface. The Copper tape is conformable so make sure that you mold and press it against the surface's bumps, curves, and empty areas, covering every possible hole.

4) You can put two or three layers of tape. This set-up would significantly
increase the strength and stability of the application. The XFasten Copper Tape can conduct electricity on both sides so there shouldn't be any issues with putting electrical circuits from opposite sides or with layering up the tape strips.

5) Eliminate any air bubbles which may exist using a squeegee or any plastic card.  

6) Allow the tape's adhesive to cure, dry and acclimatize overnight before using
the whole circuit. If this isn't possible, then letting the tape set for at
least 3-4 hours would be sufficient.


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