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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Console Tape, 1" x 36 Yards


1) Make sure that the surface where you would be installing the Console Tape is clean, dry and dust-free.


2) Peel the tape from the roll. The tape itself is easy to tear by hand so you shouldn't have any problem. An important note to make, though: make sure to not touch the adhesive side too much as oils from your hands or any other foreign materials can contaminate the adhesive and lessen its bonding strength.


3) Conform the tape with the surface's texture to eliminate any gaps that may exist in between the tape and the surface. Eliminate any air bubbles which may exist using a squeegee or any plastic card.


4) Write the label on the Console Tape’s surface. You can use any permanent marker pen for this. You can also write the label beforehand.


The Console Tape can also be used for other purposes aside from just labeling. You can use the console tape on the following set-ups:

1)     Cable Management and bundling of wires- wires and cables on sets, band plays, production sets and even on your PC build can go haywire and can cause some serious confusion and delays on your operation. Make sure to bundle groups of cords and manage them by tying using the console tape. You can use the console tape as an alternative to cable ties.

2)     Book Repair and Binding – are your book covers or hardbound books falling off and crumbling due to age and creases? You can use the Console Tape to restore and strengthen the binding of your book spine.

3)     Photo Edging and Cropping – the Console Tape can be a cost-effective alternative to Gaffers Tape when it comes to edging and putting a physical border/margin on your photos.

4)     Charting and Drafting- you can also use the Console Tape as an alternative to Masking tapes and Drafting tapes as it can temporarily hold objects such as paper sheets on a surface. It is also removable and residue-free.

5)     Tabbing and Framing – you can use the Console tape to put tabs on books and other reading materials and notes.

The Console Tape is an Artisan-Grade tape. It is removable and does not leave any sticky or messy residue on the surface. It is also archival-safe, acid-free and is photo paper safe. With its tear-resistant construction, it is easy to unwind from the tape spool cutting your preparation time by half allowing you to focus on much more important tasks!



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