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Tips & Instructions for XFasten Disposable Kitchen Towels- 30 cm x 20 cm, Orange (60 Sheets)



  • To wipe off dust, grime, oil on hands or tables, simply wipe it off using a sheet of the XFasten Disposable Kitchen Towel. Apply pressure while wiping the surface to maximize the amount of fluid that the kitchen towel can absorb.
  • Use 2-3 sheets for tough stains and spills. Also, fold the kitchen towel to increase the rate of absorbency when wiping off puddles of liquid on a surface.
  • The disposable kitchen towel can also be used as a guest hand towel or as a table napkin on special occasions.

Tips on Saving and Maximizing the Use of Disposable Towels:

  • If you want to save and maximize the number of towels that you can use, you can cut the paper towels into smaller pieces. Most of the time, the volume of liquid that a single sheet of paper towel can absorb is so much greater than the amount of fluid that we wish to wipe off. This results into a lot of sheets or surface area wasted over time. Thus, cutting it into smaller pieces will prevent excessive paper from being used.
  • You can reuse paper towels if you just used it to clean up a few crumbs or wipe a wet cutting board. As long as you will be using it for a similar purpose, and the disposable towel’s absorbency isn’t spent or exhausted yet, then you can still opt to reuse it (again, for a similar purpose). However, never sacrifice hygiene and food safety, just to reuse a couple of paper towels.
  • Whenever using disposable paper towels after washing your hands, to save paper towels in the long run, it will be best to use the shake and fold method. The shake and fold method is a campaign that gained traction in the recent years as it helps save raw materials, and ultimately our environment. The goal is to shake your hands to remove excess water from dishes or hand-washing before grabbing one paper towel, folding it in half and drying your hands.