Tips & Instructions For XFasten Magical Tape, 3/4" x 1000" (Pack of 8)

For best results on applying your XFasten Magic Tape, these are some few critical areas that one should put in mind during the application stage:

1) Remove the excess dirt on the surface which you are adhering the Magic Tape. Although it can stick to textured, grainy and corrugated surfaces, it would be best to dust off the surface to maximize the adhesive's bonding strength.

2) Peel the tape from the roll. An important note to make: make sure to not touch the adhesive side too much as oils from your hands or any other foreign materials can contaminate the adhesive and lessen its bonding strength.

3) Conform the tape to the surface's texture. The XFasten Magic Tape is conformable so make sure that you mold and press it against the surface's bumps, curves and empty areas covering every possible gap that may accommodate air bubbles.

4) Whenever writing on the tape's surface, allow the ink to cure for a few minutes before touching the tape's surface to prevent bleeding or smudging.




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