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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Double-Sided Clothing Tape, 5/8-inch x 30-foot

  • Clean the area in your clothes or dress which you would like to put the XFasten Clothing Tape. It can be used in eliminating blouse/sweater gaps, hiding bra straps, securing gaps between buttons, protective tape for cuffs, scarves and jewelry, taping tube tops and halters, securing necklines, keeping strapless clothing from slipping, closing wrap style, skirt gaps, anchoring shoulder pads and repairing hems quickly.


  • Cut a piece of the XFasten Clothing Tape using a pair of scissors and place it in the desired area.


  • Close the gap in your clothes by applying pressure on both sides. Press both sides for about 2 minutes to ensure that it is securely attached.


  • If you would like to attach the tape to a part of your skin, then be sure to use a longer strip to ensure maximum adhesion.