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XFasten Crystal Clear Transparent Tape


The XFasten Crystal Clear Transparent Tape is a strong and all around tape that is manufactured to cater the needs of users who are looking for a tape that is glossy, invisible and crystal clear. Most “Clear” Tapes nowadays have been changed into matte and cloudy, leaving those users who loved the original crystal clear tape unsatisfied. XFasten has revamped this classic favorite to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.

Why Choose The XFasten Clear Tape?

SAY GOODBYE TO AGING TAPES THAT TURN YELLOW. Typical tapes usually turn yellow or cloudy over time, making the logo, bar codes and text beneath them hard to see after some time. The XFasten Crystal Clear Tape, however, is made from refined polycarbonate backing, making it resistant to yellowing even up to 3 years of application. Our tape is compliant with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) standards regarding the 3-year retention period for documents and other packaging materials.

OPTIMIZED FOR OFFICE AND PACKAGING USE. The XFasten Transparent Tape is designed for office, school, home and other packaging needs as its pressure sensitive silicone adhesive adheres well to paper, envelope, cardboard and other craft materials.

LONG SHELF LIFE AND OVERALL TAPE LIFESPAN. It can be stored up to 10 years without any significant changes in the quality, color or transparency. Its adhesive remains strong and will not deteriorate into a gooey mess even after being stored for several months.

Why Choose The XFasten Brand?

We listen to your needs. Our products continuously improve due to the seamless integration of past comments and suggestions from our buyers. We listen to your ideas, and we take them seriously especially in the execution of these improvements.

Clean, straightforward, no gimmicks and just pure trustworthy performance- that is what XFasten promises to deliver for each of our adhesive products.