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XFasten Magical Tape Pack of 8


The XFasten Invisible Magic Tape is simply one of the best office and home documentation and wrapping tape there is on Amazon. We have asked our customers as to what features they need for an invisible tape and incorporated everything in the XFasten Magic Invisible Tape. This is the perfect tool for note taking, document marking, mending and wrapping.

What Makes it the Best Invisible Tape on the Market?

-Subtle and Invisible on copiers, making your notes written in it clear and crisp on copies.

-Does not tear, curl or split unnecessarily but is easy to cut, making it convenient to use for fast paced documentation.

-Matte finish, making it easy for you to write using a ballpen, marker or pencil without the fear of smudging.

-Labels written on it stay permanently and does not fade in the long run.

-Excellent adhesion but does not damage paper and cardboard surfaces when you need to reposition or remove the strip.

-Comes in a pack of 8, giving you the best value for your money.

-Professional and neat giving your documents a clean and minimalist look.

-Strong enough to seal documents, protect labels and mend accidentally torn documents

-Designed by our Research and Development Team through the initiative of our consumers' suggestions on which specs should the Invisible Tape have.

Why Should It Deserve a Space in Your Home And Office?

The XFasten Magic Invisible Tape is a perfect tool for many offices and homes as it is designed for teachers, office workers, document controllers, DIY lover and any person who is in the business of documentation and note taking. Asking from a pool of over a thousand Amazon customers, we have gathered the inputs of our very consumers in order to create a tape that is bent on satisfying the requests of our buyers. This is a tape made by you, for you.