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XFasten Magnetic Dry Erase Tape

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The XFasten Magnetic Dry Erase Tape is a reliable marking tool that is compatible with all dry erase markers. It does not erase or rub of unnecessarily. When the markings are erased, it does not leave air bubbles or ghost markings, making it fresh, ready and new-looking to accommodate new markings and reminders. Overall, this elegant and premium looking tape allows teachers, kids, parents and office workers to post about reminders and other important details quickly while on the go.

What Makes the XFasten Writable Magnet Dry Erase Tape Different From Other Brands?

+ Strong magnetic flux empowers the average student, homeowner, office worker or teacher to organize their thoughts, memos and reminders like a pro.

+ 30 ft roll provides large writing real estate, giving you more value for your money.

+ Markings can be erased yet it will not smudge or rub off easily if you touch the markings by mistake.

+ Does not leave any ghost markings after it has been erased

+ Handles wear and tear excellently.

+ Specially designed for teachers and parents with its easy-to-manage roll.

+ The write on wipe off magnet tape strips emit a strong magnetic flux, allowing you to turn virtually any metal surface into a whiteboard for easy planning and organization!

+ Has long lifespan and does not yellow out or fade over time

Why Choose the XFasten Dry Erase Magnet Tape Roll?

+ Easy to apply, cut and install making it perfect for various projects at home

+ Glossy white surface adheres dry erase ink well, making the markings readable even from a distance.

Here at the XFasten store, we can assure you, our valued customer that we truly care for your satisfaction and happiness. We are just an email away should you have any concerns or inquiries. We also prioritize Quality Assurance and product development over mass production, so you can be assured that the roll that you are getti