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XFasten Duct Tape 2 Inches x 50 Yards (Silver)

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What Is the XFasten Silver Duct Tape For?

The XFasten Silver Duct Tape is specially designed for ducting, general purpose sealing and repair, bundling and packaging, marking and labeling as well as creative arts and crafts DIY projects.

It features a highly aggressive rubber adhesive that sticks well to many surfaces including but is not limited to metal, plastic and concrete. It also sticks well to all types of surfaces such as smooth, corrugated, contoured and textured.

Moreover, it is extremely conformable, bendable and flexible- hence making it ideal for complicated ducting applications and complex arts and crafts templates.

Is It Made For Your Specific Needs?

The XFasten Silver Duct Tape can be used for the following projects:

+ General Ducting and Repair Purposes

+ Industrial Grade Sealing

+ Business Performance Packaging

+ Heat, Weather, Sludge and Abrasion Type of Environments

+ Classroom, Home, Kitchen and Office Adhesion

+ Creative Arts and Crafts Projects

+ Do-It-Yourself Projects like Duct Tape wallets, Duct Tape book cover, flowers, mug cover, purse and many more imaginative projects

Why Should You Choose It?

The XFasten Silver Duct Tape comes with a generous 50 yards roll, giving you the best deal for the price that you pay. It is of premium quality since we prioritize quality assurance over generic mass production. The XFasten brand also ensures customer satisfaction through our 24/7 customer service that will surely stop at nothing just to make you happy and satisfied. We are always here to hear out your concerns and suggestions- so long as they would make your customer experience better.

  • Heavy Duty Duct tape that can be used for long term repairs, sealing, bundling and marking; has long shelf life and retains strength for up to 2 years on both outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Reinforced rubber adhesive sticks well to metal, plastic, concrete and on smooth, contoured and textured surfaces.
  • Thick surface allows extreme conditions and heavy exposure to harsh elements yet is still easy to tear and install, remove or reposition.
  • Silver polyethylene surface layer is moisture, weather, abrasion, heat and UV resistant for long term application at harsh conditions and is compatible with marker pens for labeling.
  • Conformable, easy to tear by hands, bendable and flexible making it ideal for varying shapes in ducting, packaging, storage as well as arts and crafts projects.