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XFasten Rug Gripper for Runners, 4 Inches x 25 Feet

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The XFasten Rug Gripper for Runners is designed to stop rugs and carpets from clumping, bunching, sliding, slipping or moving from time to time. We understand that pets at home can move the carpet unnecessarily and it is indeed annoying to put it back in place every single time. Or perhaps carpets placed in high traffic areas at home simply won't stay in place. We've got you all covered with the XFasten Area Rug Pads for area rugs.

How Does It work?

-The area rug pads prevents carpet slipping by providing twice thicker rubberized grip to your carpets compared to other brands.

-It is a non-adhesive grip, hence you don't have to worry about sticky residues or damaged surfaces. It will not stain or damage your delicate wood or vinyl finish.

-It can be repositioned and is ultimately washable so you don't have to worry about dirt and lint accumulating on it. It also makes vacuuming a lot easier since you don't have to spend much time removing it.

-It is durable yet can be easily cut into desired strips, shapes, lengths and sizes making it compatible to virtually all carpet and rug sizes, shape and variants.

Why Choose The XFasten Rug Gripper?

-Premium Quality For Less Of The Price. The XFasten comes with 25 Feet of Rug runners for even almost half the price of most products with shorter lengths. It also comes with a thicker and more durable rubber padding, yet it stays easy to cut and install.

-Excellent Customer Service. Apipema's main goal is to provide utmost care to our customers. We prioritize your satisfaction and happiness at all cost so if you purchase from us, you are assured to have a lifetime's worth of customer service. Ask us anything, and we will be happy to assist you.

-Stringent Quality Control Tests. We are one of the few companies who focus on research, development and quality control rather than mass production above anything else.

  • Locks rugs in place and stops bunching for rug-floor, carpet-carpet or rug-carpet applications.
  • Would not stain floors or damage delicate floor finishes, non-adhesive surface allows for repositioning.
  • Works on all floor surfaces including carpets, delicate wood finish, vinyl, tile and marble.
  • Hand washable, easier for vacuuming, and can be easily trimmed to fit any size and shape of rugs.
  • Durable carpet pads for area rugs that prevent slipping and falling of kids, elderly people and pets.