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XFasten Acrylic Mounting Tape Removable, 1-Inch x 60-Inch

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The XFasten Mounting Tape is an efficient industrial-grade heavy duty tape that can hold and mount objects up to 5 pounds together per square inch of tape in a long term basis.

Now, you don't need bolts, screws or nails as this tape can work both outdoor and indoor on clean surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete wall, plastic and even fabric. It also offers a high initial bonding strength, which means that the adhesive neatly sticks into the surface without any mess.

This heavy duty mounting tape is guaranteed to adhere to the following surfaces but is certainly not limited to the ones listed:

-Delicate wooden finishes and surfaces

-Stone and marble tiles

-Cement, concrete and brick

-Metal, plastic and other decorative surfaces

-Nylon, cloth and other fabric materials

-Carpet, Leather and other furniture finishes

-Paper, Cardboard and other arts and crafts materials

With a length of 60", this roll gives you the biggest bank for your buck. It is 0.045" thick and has a width of 1".

Weather Resistant Bonding

The XFasten Mount Tape also can be applied both indoors and outdoors since it is resistant to moisture. You can install it without worries on places that may get wet constantly like your bathroom.

Heavy Duty Capacity

This exterior mounting tape is capable of bonding permanently, making it a perfect solution if you ever would want an extremely heavy duty tape. It can easily mount objects up to 5 pounds, provided that the surfaces are clean and dust free.

It is perfectly recommended forpicture frames, mirrors, soap holders, window visors, home decors and other types of moderately heavy objects at home that are to be hanged on the wall.

Also, our responsive customer service team is always in the line ready to aid any inquiries or questions!

  • XFasten Extreme Heavy Duty Mounting Tape can hold up to 5 lbs of mass per square inch of tape.
  • This wall mount tape be applied on any clean surface such as wood, metal, concrete, bricks and plastic.
  • Weather-resistant double sided mounting tape that holds items securely and rigidly both indoor and outdoor.
  • Ideal clear mounting tape replacement for screws, nails, bolts to mount kitchen and bathroom accessories and decors.
  • Removable mounting tape with high initial bonding strength without leaving messy residues, permanently bonds to most surfaces.