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XFasten Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape, White, 1.5-Inch x 10-Foot

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The XFasten hook and loop tape is an easy to install, industrial-grade and long-term organizational tool that is extremely needed for your home, office, outdoor space and basically anywhere where you need to organize tools in a fashion where you can take them anytime and mount them again after use.

Why Choose The XFasten Hook and Loop Tape?

● Laboratory proven and tested to last even after 5,000 instances of attaching and detaching which translates into years of reliable utility from the strips.

● Multi-layered hooks allows more stability on bonding and easier detaching whenever the need arises.

● Abrasion, rot and wear resistant loops allow you to repeatedly attach and detach objects without the fear of it breaking down.

● Adhesive can stick to any surface without the fear of any messy residues.

● Adhesive, hook and loop are weather resistant, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use.

● Can be used to organize tools, kitchen utensils, home and bathroom accessories and heavy objects.

● Perfect for displaying and organizing ornaments and decors.

● Ideal alternative to bolts, nuts, screws and glue/epoxy.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

Here in XFasten, we focus more on research, development and quality assurance. That’s why instead of pushing for mass production, we prefer to test each batch as to how many cycles can the Hook and Loop Tape withstand, how to improve its performance, how to balance the adhesive and many other significant points that will create a better product. We believe that the best selling point of a store should always lie on its ability to make a difference regarding quality. This is the reason why you should trust us. We are a brand that focuses on quality and even lifelong customer support to ensure the best possible user experience.