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XFasten Bird Repellent Scare Tape With Adhesive Side. 2 Inches x 350 Feet

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Brand: XFasten


  • SAFEST BIRD CONTROL SOLUTION. Decorative holographic bird scare ribbon that protects your garden, orchard, crops, pool railings, decks, posts and fences from bird attacks and droppings, without putting yourself or the birds in danger as it only disrupts their senses, driving them away quickly from the vicinity.
  • DURABLE AND DOES NOT TEAR UNNECESSARILY. The XFasten Bird Scare Tape can withstand up to 10 kg of tension allowing it to not break unnecessarily and last for more than a year of installation. It will scare birds away for the whole duration of the year with no need of any maintenance!
  • MULTI-SENSORY DISRUPTION TO UNWANTED BIRDS. Diamond-patterned reflective surface projects holographic light to surroundings, making the area unsuitable for birds to land in while the ribbon also creates a metallic swoosh sound, disrupting their senses and further scaring them and driving them away from the vicinity. The XFasten Bird Scare Tape also contains an adhesive side which can be used to mount the object easily to surfaces. No need to tie a knot!
  • INCREASE CROP AND GARDEN YIELD SAFELY. Enjoy an increased yield in your berries, crops and garden produce as the XFasten Bird Scare Flash Tape scares birds away. It can be strung and twisted over crops, garden plants, poles and even attached on pool railings to safely scare away birds. Non-toxic and weather-proof surface ensures maximum safety and durability.
  • PATENTED AND ORIGINAL CRYSTALLINE HOLOGRAPHIC PATTERN. Crystalline-design holographic pattern delivers maximum visibility on birds up to 30 feet, driving them away from even afar-- keeping your area safe and neat. Lightweight design also allows it to crackle even under low light and wind speed situations.

Warranty: Manufacturer and Seller Lifetime Warranty


The XFasten Bird Scare Tape is a flash tape that employs multi-sensory disruption to birds' senses to drive them away and keep your garden, pool and other home vicinity neat and safe from bird droppings and attacks. It is a non-toxic and humane approach in pacifying birds that may have been disturbing your place.


Why choose the XFasten Bird Scare Tape?

•Patented crystalline holographic pattern maximizes the light output that is released by the tape with minimal weight. This means that more patterns are released to the birds' field of vision and the tape's lightweight mass allows it to crackle faster, producing much more pronounced metallic sound. The overall effect is a much more effective bird scare tape that has a greater reach compared to generic bird scare tapes in the market.

•The XFasten company is an American-homegrown brand, meaning, you are assured that it will deliver maximum quality and durability with the fraction of the cost of many generic brands.

•Lifetime Quality Assurance Seal ensures that you can reach out to us anytime for assistance and even replacements should you feel that you received a roll that is of less than premium quality.

The XFasten Bird Scare Tape can withstand tension levels of up to 10 kg, making it resilient and resistant to tearing unnecessarily. It can last up to 5 years after installation without the need of any form of maintenance.

•UL 510 standards and ISO 9001 Certification guarantees Industrial reflective surface even on low light situations. Why pay for flimsy bird tapes when you can go for an industry grade product at the same price?


Where Can You Install The XFasten Bird Scare Tape?

You can install the XFasten Bird Scare Flash Tape on any outdoor space which is plagued by birds. You can install it in your roof, pool railings, path walk, garden, orchard, farm, gate and any other open space area.