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XFasten Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes 6" x 10" (Exterior Size) 50-Pack, Pink


Maintaining a business is not easy. On one hand, we all desire to provide the best experience to our customers, but on the other, we also would like to maintain scalable profits. Often, to keep costs low, many businesses have to compromise on how they pack and ship their products. With the XFasten Bubble Lined Padded Envelopes, now you can safely pack and ship your products in a nice packaging with colors that pop while still keeping shipping costs extremely low.

Why Choose the XFasten Padded Bubble Mailers?

● LIGHTWEIGHT. Since these bubble envelopes’ weight are negligible, much more their overall volume, you can be sure to save $$$ on your shipping costs without sacrificing quality or security.

● OPAQUE. These small bubble mailers are lined with a polycarbonate layer that keeps them opaque even when a light source is directly shined above them. This ensures the PRIVACY and SECURITY of the products that you ship and your buyer.

● STRONG ADHESION. With its waterproof adhesive that covers the bubble padded mailing envelope end to end, you would not need any extra adhesive to seal it. Also, these bubble shipping envelopes prevent tears and punctures, even with sharp or odd-shaped parcels.

● TAMPERPROOF ADHESIVE. Its self-sealing adhesive strip is tamperproof; that is to say, once the envelope has been closed, one can never open it without visible signs of tamper and tearing.

● WEATHERPROOF PROTECTION. With a 90gsm bubble and puncture-resistant polycarbonate lining, these bubble lined mailers will survive even the roughest terrains and transit conditions.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We Follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards that are accredited by ISO 9001. Our customer service team will also accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products that have been purchased many months ago.

  • PUNCTURE-RESISTANT bubble padded mailing envelopes provide superior protection to cosmetics, jewelries, books, and other small products. The XFasten bubble mailers 6x9 are lightweight and consume less volume, thus ALLOWING FOR VERY MINIMAL SHIPPING COSTS. IMPORTANT: These bubble envelopes have an outer size of 6” x 10” while its usable size inside is 6" x 9". These 6x9 small padded envelopes also feature an opaque membrane layer that prevents other people from viewing what's inside.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND OPAQUE. Our small bubble packaging envelopes are extremely light thus it will keep your shipping fees to a minimum, while providing maximum protection for your products. Each poly bubble mailers are fitted with a custom opaque membrane that prevents other people from peeking what's inside. This privacy layer on the XFasten pink bubble packaging envelopes ensures the privacy of your goods and protects the purchases of your customers.
  • MAKE YOUR PACKAGES STAND OUT. Build your brand by pouring extra effort on your products and packaging. The colors of these cute colored bubble mailer packing envelopes pop, giving your customers the impression that you spent extra care and attention in customizing even the small bubble mailers for their order. This would surely elevate your brand by differentiating it against other envelope mailers that they receive, making your customers remember you more.
  • TAMPERPROOF ADHESIVE. Each XFasten Pink poly bubble mailers feature a self-adhesive and tamper-proof seal. Once the adhesive has been sealed, the bubble envelope can’t be opened without visible signs of tampering. The adhesive strip seals the shipping envelope end-to-end so you don’t need to apply glue or extra adhesive. Each poly bubble mailer also features an extra-strength self-sealing adhesive strip. Simply peel off the quick-release adhesive liner and fold over to seal each mail securely.
  • MORE CUSHION THAN MOST BUBBLE ENVELOPES. Equipped with 90gsm bubble padded lining, these bubble padded bags for shipping with bubble lining have a durable and weatherproof surface that can SURVIVE EXTREME TRANSIT CONDITIONS and WILL NOT TEAR even with sharp or odd-shaped objects.