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XFasten Clear Sticky Dots, Traceless Round Double-Sided Acrylic Nano Sticky Adhesive Mounting Dots 1.5 Inch 60 Dots | Museum Putty Clear Removable for Hanging Pictures Poster | Nano Gel Mat Tape Tack


The XFasten Nano Mounting Dots are the perfect solutions for temporary DIY room decorations. This reusable transparent double-sided round nano tape is also a no trace sticky putty. Why Choose the XFasten Sticky Putty Double-sided Adhesive round Putty Tape?

Heavy-duty transparent putty. These double sided sticky dots stickers are rated to last up to 2 years but can be removed any time.

Poster tape for walls removable. The XFasten Nano Mounting Dots is the best adhesive in mounting posters and other decorations at home.

Easy to use and compatible with a wide range of surfaces. These clear putty dots are compatible with concrete walls, drywall, bricks, tiles, cement, bathroom tiles, stucco, and other common household surfaces.

The XFasten Silicone Nano Gel Tape is a strong, clear double-sided tape that is powerful, just like heavy-duty permanent glue. Yet, it can be removed easily without damaging the surface, nor will it lift off the paint or leave any sticky residue.

Our Reusable and Washable Nano Adhesive Tape can also be reused as much as you want. To reuse the nano tape strip, remove it from the surface, wash it with running water (to remove any dirt or lint), and then install back!

Moreover, this museum putty clear removable for hanging pictures is an extreme-duty transparent double-sided adhesive tape that is rated for industrial-grade mounting mostly for heavy objects. The common problem with most double-sided adhesives is that they fall off easily after a few days, while some leave a nasty and sticky residue on the surface. The XFasten Nano Mounting Dot Wall Safe Tape eliminates this issue as its adhesive is pressure sensitive which means that it can be removed easily.

● Can be applied and removed later, ideal for those who are using the space temporarily for the mounted object.

  • HEAVY-DUTY ACRYLIC NANO STICKY ADHESIVE DOTS. Secure your small home decorations with this clear double-sided round adhesive putty tape, and nothing to worry about because it can last up to two years! Five adhesive dots can support up to 3 lbs.
  • EASY TO PEEL TRANSPARENT REMOVABLE PUTTY DOTS. This round putty tape has an easy-release adhesive liner. It will not curl or stick unnecessarily, so it sticks only on the surface you intend to install it. You won't need any heavy tools or scissors when using this adhesive.
  • TRACELESS AND ROUND REMOVABLE STICKY ADHESIVE PUTTY. These poster stickers for walls are perfect for renting people and those looking for removable round putty that WILL NOT LEAVE A STICKY RESIDUE NOR DAMAGE THE SURFACE UPON REMOVAL. To safely remove, either heat using the warm hairdryer exhaust or wet it with cold water. To reactivate adhesive, it must be washed through cold running water and then air-dried.
  • VERSATILE ROUND DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE. The transparent double-sided adhesive dots are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. For example, you can use it for mounting objects, banners, and posters on concrete walls, drywall, bricks, tiles, cement, bathroom tiles, stucco, and other common household surfaces.
  • CLEAR PUTTY DOTS THAT CAN WITHSTAND EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS. These clear double sided nano dots can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong wind, UV, high heat, snow, and rain. It can withstand temperatures of -16°C (3.2F) to 75°C (167F), and it doesn't turn gummy when exposed to too much heat.
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS. Thanks to XFasten double sided clear tape for glass' weatherproof adhesive, our nano gel dot tape is ideal for outdoor conditions. It will retain its adhesive power even when exposed to direct sunlight or heavy rains.
  • PREVENTS UNNECESSARY CURLING AND STICKING. It is frustrating to waste so many sticky glue tack dots for wall hanging if they keep on curling and sticking anywhere, often ending with them sticking to your fingers. Our nano mounting dot wall safe tape retains its structural rigidity while being stretchable, allowing you to install them only when you need them to be, unlike other off-branded outdoor double sided tapes on the market.