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XFasten Eco-Friendly Swedish Sponge Dish Cloth, 10-Pack 8-Inch by 7-Inch (Yellow)


Sustainably sourced from homegrown cotton and plant-based fibers, the XFasten Swedish Dishcloths for Kitchen are perfect for washing dishes, wiping spills on kitchen counters, and cleaning lint and dirt on tables and other surfaces. Sporting a proprietary Striated micro-pore design (cross-linked cellulose and cotton), our reusable dish sponge cloths can absorb liquids up to 35x its weight, and can expel it in one easy squeeze.

Why Choose the XFasten Machine-washable Dish Rags?

SAY GOODBYE TO GROSS KITCHEN DISHCLOTHS. Due to higher cellulose to cotton ratio, our Swedish dish towel can easily expel all liquids it has absorbed in one squeeze. Its striated design also allows for fast drying, preventing build-up of mold, bacteria, and odor. Our dish towels are anti-microbial and will stay clean and odor-free even after multiple uses.

RELIABLE PERFORMANCE FOR LONG-TERM USE. Unlike other cleaning sponge cloths that break down or rot after multiple usages, the machine-weaved striations on our kitchen dish rags can be reused over 60x, providing reliable performance.

EASY TO USE FOR FAST-PACED CLEANING. Due to its textured surface, it can efficiently clean and pick-up otherwise persistent dirt, grime, lint, or crumbs.

GENTLE TO THE HANDS AND EASY TO CLEAN. Our machine-washable dish rags are soft to the touch when wet, making them gentle and hypoallergenic to all skin types. They are also machine-washable.

PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO PAPER TOWELS. Our reusable sponge cloths come in a Pack of 10, and each dish rag can easily replace up to 20 rolls of paper towels. Not only is it more effective than paper towels, but it also provides more savings!

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

More than delivering premium products; our goal is to satisfy our customers. If you have any problems with our tape, even after several months after your purchase, just contact us.

  • SUPER-ABSORBENT Swedish dishcloth (10-Pack, 8” x 7”) that can absorb moisture 35x its weight and prevent retention of nasty odor after squeezing. Soft to the touch yet textured enough to scrub any persistent spills, lint and liquids.
  • MACHINE-WASHABLE cellulose sponge cloth construction EMPOWERS AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS to save a lot as one dishwashing cloth can replace 20 rolls of disposable paper towels. Each pack contains 10 Yellow Sponge Cloths that could easily last you an entire year!
  • Striated micro-pore design (cross-linked cellulose and cotton) on this kitchen dishcloth allows it to absorb more than triple its weight yet expel all excess moisture after squeezing, preventing mold and odor build-up
  • Minimalist and eco-friendly construction will match any modern home aesthetics. Our reusable sponge cloths are also fast-drying, ODORLESS and will sit neatly on any surface.
  • As our reusable sponge towels are made of wood cellulose and cotton, it will not leave any messy lint streak. Its textured surface also helps break down grime, making it easy to clean up otherwise hard-to-clean dirt and spills.