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XFasten Extra Strength Double-Sided Tape, White, 3/4-Inch x 15-Yard (Pack of 3)

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The XFasten Extra Sticky Double Sided Duct Tape is the strongest double-sided tape of XFasten, boasting twice the adhesive coating and power to its best-seller processors- the XFasten Carpet Tape and Double Sided Tape. It adheres to almost all surfaces, making this double-sided tape a must-have product for many households in America. It is designed for heavy-duty applications that need extreme bonding.

It can adhere to almost all surfaces, may it be smooth, rough or uneven- something which most double-sided duct tapes can’t do today. This double-sided duct tape is guaranteed to adhere to the following surfaces but is certainly not limited to the ones listed :

-Delicate wooden finishes and surfaces

-Rug, Wall-to-wall carpets, and runners

-Stone and marble tiles

-Cement, concrete, and brick

-Metal, plastic and other decorative surfaces

-Nylon, cloth and other fabric materials

-Carpet, Leather and other furniture finishes

Paper, Cardboard and other arts and crafts materials

Why Choose The XFasten Double Sided Tape?


The XFasten Duct Tape sports a durable nylon-cotton cloth inside layer sandwiched with a strong adhesive on both sides. Has the perfect balance of strength and gentleness to even the most delicate surfaces. Guaranteed to leave no residue behind

Overall, the XFasten Double Sided Tape is a cost-effective premium adhesive solution for your home and office projects.

Where Can You Use The XFasten Double Sided Tape?

-Woodworking and guitar making

-Stabilizing Carpets and Rugs on top of your floor or carpet/area rug

-Arts and Craft Project

-Pet Anti-Scratch Shield and Training Tape For Furniture and Leather seats

-Preventing carpets from sliding

-Mounting Light Objects on walls

  • Extra Sticky Double-Sided Tape with twice the bonding power and amount of adhesive compared to normal double sided adhesive tapes. Designed for strong applications that need extreme bonding.
  • EMPOWERS THE AVERAGE AMERICAN HOMEOWNER to come up with NEAT and PRO-LEVEL APPLICATIONS all thanks to its mess-free adhesive. Will not leave a sticky residue when removed and will not chip-off surface paint finishing.
  • Extreme Tackiness of its double sided sticky adhesive provides long-term to permanent bonding but is still easy to uninstall making it ideal for DECORATING EVENTS ON TEMPORARY SPACES such as auditoriums, churches, conference rooms, classrooms, and apartments.
  • Double Sides Heavy Duty Tape that can protect leather seats, sofas and furniture from pet scratches, and rug to carpet gripper applications. Perfect to use on carpets with large dogs at home.
  • Manageable, Resists curling, unnecessary splitting and shredding. Easy to pull out of the roll, cut and install. An ideal carpet to rug tape.