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XFasten Furniture Gripper Pads, 2-Inch, 24-Pack


The XFasten Furniture Gripper Pads is a must-have tool for people who are keen on keeping their homes and furniture clean and organized—without anything out of place. It has a rubber base that is gentle to the floor yet strong and rigid enough to prevent your furniture, bed, couch, recliner, table or sofa from moving.

It also has a felt core that absorbs shock and impact, providing an additional layer of protection to your furniture. It has an optimal thickness which resists sagging, thus keeping the gripper pads’ structural rigidity for years. Its adhesive is top-notch, which means that it will damage your furniture nor will it leave any sticky residue.

It is also manufactured by XFasten, the leading creator of the bestseller carpet tape and other home improvement products on Amazon.

Why Should You Have The XFasten Nonslip Furniture Gripper?

● Rated to last for years, preventing your furniture from unnecessary skidding on a long-term basis.

● Provides non-skid properties while being gentle on both your furniture and floor, thus allowing you to reposition your furniture if necessary.

● Easy to manage and install all thanks to its optimal thickness. Subtle and one can barely feel it that it’s not even noticeable.

● Installs cleanly without mess. Leaves no sticky residue and will not damage your furniture feet.

● Prevents floor scratching or abrasion and its felt core absorbs shock and does not degrade over time.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products which have been purchased many months ago. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.

  • Heavy-duty Nonslip Square Furniture Gripper Pads that are designed prevent your furniture, bed, chair, recliner, table or sofa from sliding unnecessarily, protecting your hardwood flooring from scratches.
  • The Anti-Skid Hardwood Floor Protector’s textured rubber base provides strong traction to your furniture EMPOWERING AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS to be comfortable during their rest, as your bed would finally stop sliding when you don’t need it to move.
  • Shock absorbent and sagging resistant felt core on the anti-slip furniture gripper protects your furniture from impact for years. May it be kids, pets, or activities that require a lot of movement, you can expect your furniture and beds to never budge unnecessarily out of position!
  • Super strong adhesive sticks well to your furniture legs, ensuring that your couch furniture pads adhere strongly even if you push or reposition your furniture. It will not leave any residue or damage your furniture, ensuring a mess-free installation.
  • Optimal thickness keeps it from being too bulky or thick for your furniture. Compatible for all floor types- hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, marble, linoleum, concrete. XFasten is a US Registered Trademark brand that is well trusted for adhesive and home improvement products.