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XFasten Gaffer Tape Pro, Black, 2-Inches X 30 Yards

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The XFasten Black Gaffers Tape 2 Inches is a professional tool that was made in collaboration with pros on social media. We actively tested out with various photographers, YouTubers, videographers, and DJs so that the tape can be calibrated to suit the most preferred adhesive strength, color, and thickness of pro and content creators.

Why Choose the XFasten Black Premium Grade Gaff Tape?

EASY TO CUT WITH BARE HANDS. We understand that an artist is always on the go. You can easily take the roll out of your bag and tear it neatly with just your bare hands whenever you need it. You can be taking care of various things while tearing this tape, even if you are in a hurry.

DOES NOT SPLIT MID-ROLL. Have you tried using Black Gaffer's Tapes that just split and become unusable mid-roll? It’s not worth it. Get your money’s worth with the XFasten Cloth Tape’s textile backing that prevents unnecessary splitting.

RESIDUE-FREE. Have you ever used a gaff tape that leaves a sticky mess after? We took the extra mile to make sure that the Gaffers Tape’s silicone adhesive is strong but will not leave a sticky residue or damage the surface finish upon removal.

VERSATILE USES. You can use it as a console tape, a stage marker tape, an upholstery repair tape, a cable path tape for cable management and even a boat seat repair tape! It has a weather-proof, water-resistant, and high shear-stress adhesive that can withstand extreme conditions. Talk about pro!

Why Choose The XFasten brand?

We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products which have been purchased many months ago. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.

  • PROFESSIONAL CLOTH GAFFER TAPE that was manufactured in collaboration with photographers, videographers, DJs and stage designers on social media. Industry standard matte black gaffer tape that is essential to both professionals and budding content creators.
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT. Whether that is a simple computer cable, a Canon 5D MK IV, a pro mixer or a stage flooring, our black pro gaff tape is residue-free and will NOT LEAVE STICKY RESIDUE or damage the surface, protecting your gear just as we care for your career.
  • SIMPLY WORKS. This cloth tape is reinforced with a textile backing making it easy to tear neatly by hand no matter the size- a perfect photography tape especially for professionals like you as you can simply take it out of your bag, rip a strip and install on your gear anytime.
  • STEALTHY AND NON-REFLECTIVE. We calibrated the pure black pigment used for the gaffer tape enabling it to blend discreetly on theater stages and photography sets making this an ideal stage tape. It is also non-reflective, making this extra stealthy for pros.
  • BUILT TO LAST. Pressure sensitive adhesive is water-resistant and resists shear stress heavily. This means that you can also use it as a cable path tape for cable management. It is weatherproof empowering you to use it on any surface- consoles, tech gears, floors, upholstery and even boats!