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XFasten Gaffer Tape, 2 Inch X 30 Yards (White)

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Why Gaffer Tape? 

The XFasten Gaffer Tape is a cotton cloth tape with rubber adhesive that is water and abrasion-resistant. It is superior to most other tapes like Duct Tape. This tape has following characteristics:

• Residue-Free: The XFasten Gaffer Tape is widely used by TV, Theater, Studio, Automotive, Photography, Music and other professionals mainly because it is non-reflective and residue-free. Despite it has great adherence, the XFasten Gaffer Tape is easy to be removed.

• Cloth Tape: It is also known as Cloth Tape and it is matte and anti-slip that makes it ideal for multiple uses.

• Premuim Quality: The XFasten Gaffer Tape is the best Cloth Tape available on Amazon. It is manufactured with high quality materials and passes through innumerous tests before sending to the final customers.