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XFasten Rug Gripper

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The XFasten Rug Grippers allows the average American homeowner to keep area rugs and carpets from curling or sliding, thus keeping their family safer. This rug pad corner gripper is designed for rugs that often experience heavy foot traffic, may it be due to kids, dogs in the house, or just under normal circumstances.

The frequent problem with most rug grippers is that they are bulky and feel uncomfortable on the feet. The XFasten Rug Gripper solves this problem by having just the right optimal thickness that strikes a balance between structural support and subtle thickness.

It is also manufactured by XFasten, the leading creator of the bestseller carpet tape and other home improvement products on Amazon.

Why Should You Have The XFasten Rug Gripper?

● Rated to last for seven years, providing your office, home, room or outdoor rug the best stability and anti-slip property on a long-term basis.

● Easy to manage, handle and install all thanks to its optimal thickness. Subtle to the feet and one can barely feel it that it is not even noticeable.

● Installs cleanly without a mess. Leaves no sticky residue and will not damage your carpet or floor.

● Easy to clean and renew, empowering you to reposition your rugs and carpets. Simply wipe the silicone surface with a wet cloth to renew its tackiness.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products which have been purchased many months ago. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.