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XFasten Super Strong Carpet Tape Extra Sticky, 2-inches x 30-Yards

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Product Name:  XFasten Super Strong Double Sided Carpet Tape Extra Sticky, 2-inch by 30-Yard, Heavy Duty Double Sides Area Rug to Carpet Gripper Tape, Ideal for Homes with High Foot Traffic and Large Pets 
Product ID:  731717947585 
Product ID Type:  upc 
Brand Name:  XFasten 
Manufacturer:  XFasten 
Category (item-type):  multipurpose-flooring-adhesives 

The XFasten Extra Sticky Carpet Tape is a carpet tape variant of Apipema, one of the pioneers in adhesion technology here on Amazon and in America. It is a durable double sides adhesive and has twice the adhesive and power compared to our best-seller, the XFasten Carpet Tape.


Where can you use the XFasten Double-Sided Rug Tape Tape?


Here are a few scenarios where you can use our carpet tape:

-Carpet to carpet application

-Carpet to floor application

-Adhering carpets or rugs to wall-to-wall carpets or area rugs

-Shielding your furniture from pet scratches

-General duct tape applications

-Attaching curtains and other pieces of cloth together

-For wood working and other industrial application

-To hold decorations on walls


On Which Surfaces Will It Adhere?


Concrete, cement and any other outdoor textured and rough surfaces

-Tiles, marble, vinyl and any other indoor smooth surfaces

-Wooden Finish and other delicate materials

-Leather and other cloth-based materials


Other Useful Features


-Best balance between premium quality material build and generous amount of carpet tape roll. The XFasten Carpet Tape is a well-balanced tape that champions both quality and quantity.

-Safe for delicate material finishes

-Can be re-positioned and does not leave any sticky residue

-Does not damage wood finish and other delicate materials

Perfect protection for your kinds, elderly people and pets at home.

Key Product Features:

  • Extreme Outdoor and Indoor Carpet Tape that is ideal for securing carpets and rugs experiencing heavy foot traffic from kids running around or large pet dogs and cats.
  • Perfect for carpet to rug, rug to carpet, stair treads and wall carpet setups. Extra Sticky Double-Sided Carpet Tape that has twice the bonding power and to the regular best-seller XFasten Carpet Tape.
  • Provides excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces: laminated wood, tiles, concrete, area rugs, carpets.
  • Protects kids and elderly by preventing your carpets and area rugs from slipping suddenly.
  • Double Sides Adhesive is thick but still easy to remove, cut and peel by hand. Will not leave a sticky residue when removed and will not chip-off surface paint finishing.