Tips & Instructions For XFasten Magnetic Business Cards 2-inch x 3.5-inch

  • Prepare and print the card which you are adhering to the Magnetic Business Card. Make sure that the surface is clean and dust free before mounting the magnetic card's adhesive side to it. Also, pre-cut or print your cards to suit the size of the XFasten Magnetic Business Card Template.  


  • You may wish to cut the magnetic card if it is bigger than what you need. You can cut the card using a cutter or a sharp pair of scissors. Make sure to handle your sharp tools carefully.


  • Attach both cards together. Apply some pressure to the sheet to make sure that no air bubbles exist between it and the surface of your printed business card. Allow the adhesive to cure for a few minutes. 


  • You can now attach your business card to any metallic surface. The XFasten Magnetic Business Card will also provide extra backing strength to your business card, which is a nice feature to have.