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Stuck at Home? Here Are Some Easy Crafts You Can Do - XFasten

Stuck at Home? Here Are Some Easy Crafts You Can Do

If your idea of fun is spending your weekends outside, the idea of getting stuck at home can be a total bummer. But with the recent events happening, we all have to stay indoors, get our work done from home, and spend our weekend binge-watching shows that we’re currently obsessed with.

Sure, it might sound like the perfect plan on a normal day (who can say no to Netflix and chill?), but doing this several nights in a row? It can get pretty mundane and boring. 

But you know what? Now’s the time to unleash the inner artist in you so get your trusty crafts supplies out because we’re sharing some easy DIY crafts you can do at home! 



Stuck at Home? Here Are Some Easy Crafts You Can Do

As digital photos are becoming the norm nowadays, it is now easier to store all our family’s beautiful memories on our mobile phones, tablets, and computers. But not so long ago (remember when film cameras were all the rage back in those days?), people keep photo albums. Others take it to the next level by creating scrapbooks. 

Why not create yours? It could be a collection of your family’s summer holidays or memorable moments, milestones of your children’s lives, or it could be about your pets or even about yourself! Really, the possibilities are endless. 

Not only a scrapbook gives you the chance to have something to reminisce over, but it also gets you to be more creative. There’s not really a single rule when it comes to scrapbooking. You can make simple designs or go as colorful and bold as you want - the choice is yours! 

In order to prep up, here are the essentials that you will need to start your scrapbooking journey: 


  • Craft scissors
  • A rubber cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Punch boards
  • Washi tapes of different designs and colors
  • Assorted ribbons
  • Sticker papers
  • Paper cutter
  • Vinyl weeding tools
  • Stamping tools
  • Decorative stickers
  • Assorted scrapbook papers
  • Assorted pens 


To give depth to your scrapbook pages, you can choose to jazz it up with 3D stickers. There are a lot of adorable choices on Etsy! Make sure to secure your stickers using the XFasten Foam Mounting Tape

It can work on both even and uneven surfaces, so adhering decors on your scrapbook is not a problem. 



Stuck at Home? Here Are Some Easy Crafts You Can Do


With the busy lives that we’re all living right now, it’s no wonder why we forget to do things. It could be that you forgot to pay your bills which are due in two days (hey, it happens!) or it could be as simple as forgetting to load the laundry in the washer. 

Whatever the reason, this is where a bullet journal (or BuJo, as the enthusiasts call it) can come in handy. But BuJo is something more of your typical to-do list. Basically, it’s a notebook that contains all your tasks at hand, inner thoughts, and things that you want to remember. 

The goal of bullet journaling is to help you live a more productive and organized life. And you don’t even need any fancy stuff to get started. All you need is a notebook (with plain pages, if possible) and your trusty pens. 

Divide your journals into logs where you’ll be having dedicated sections for the following: 


  • To-do list - This is where you’ll record the day-to-day tasks that you need to do at home and at work. 


  • Meeting notes and reminders - Did somebody share a million-dollar idea in your company’s daily meetings? Or maybe you’re the one who’d like to share that million-dollar idea? You can note all those things here. 
  • Goals - Do you want to focus on self-improvement? Or do you want to list down your team’s goals? Whatever these are, you can include them here in this section.
  • Collections - Maybe you have a book that you’d like to read. Or something that you’ve been eyeing to buy for quite some time now. The collection section in your BuJo is the ideal place to write them all down. 
  • Reflections - Include your inner thoughts and the valuable lessons that you’ve learned along the way. 


But a BuJo doesn’t need to be plain at all. You can experiment with different layouts and designs that work for you. Pinterest is great if you want to see inspirations on how you want your BuJo to look like. 

Or, you can even stick with a theme for each section of your journal to make it more interesting. Use colored pens to divide these sections or better yet, you can use a more appealing tool like the XFasten Graphic Chart Line Tape

Available in 8 vivid colors, these line tapes are reinforced with artisan-grade crepe paper layer that resists curling, and unnecessary tearing and warping. It can also be used on other crafts such as DIY calendars and albums. 



Stuck at Home? Here Are Some Easy Crafts You Can Do

Keeping our homes clutter-free, organized, and aesthetically pleasing doesn’t mean that we have to spend a ton of bucks to make it possible. In fact, we’re all about being creative here while also being big on sustainability. 

Look around the house. Are there some things that you can repurpose instead of chucking them in the trash? It could be the almost empty milk bottle on the fridge or that cereal box in the pantry. 

If you’re wondering what to do with those, we’d like to give you some ideas: 


  • File holder - Make file holders using cereal boxes. These are perfect if you’re struggling to organize your documents and magazines in your home office. Instead of using a regular scrapbook paper, use colored tapes. This gives it additional reinforcement to make your file holders last longer. 
  • Kitchen storage bins - Empty tin cans can serve as kitchen storage bins for your cooking utensils. Plus, they’re unique and can work well if you’re going for a more rustic feel in your nook. Jazz them up with washi tapes to add a bit of pizzazz to these tin cans. 
  • Storage jars - Instead of buying mason jars, reuse those pasta sauce jars to turn them into beautiful containers in your pantry. Paint the lids with colors of your choice to make them more personalized. 


For these projects, nothing beats the flexibility of the XFasten Multicolored Masking Tape. It’s available in 6 vibrant and festive colors such as pink, blue, yellow, red, black, and pastel green. With its smudge-free surface, it’s the perfect craft tape that’s both non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 



With these easy crafts you can make at home, beating boredom doesn’t have to be spending most of the day on the couch in front of the TV. These projects are not only great to improve your creativity, but it’s also a fun, wholesome activity that you can share with your kids.



Do you have any ideas that you’d like to share with us? Leave your comments down below. We’d love to hear it from you!

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