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XFasten Heavy-Duty Professional Tailor Scissors, 9.5-Inch


Whether you’re still starting in sewing as a hobby or a seasoned tailor, reliable heavy-duty fabric scissors will elevate your craft to another level as it minimizes waste in fabrics cut as well as the time and effort that you need to exert and spend just to cut your fabrics. Whenever choosing new scissors for sewing, you must look for the following- its handles must prevent fatigue, its blades must be sharp such that cutting is fast and effortless, its screws must be smooth to prevent snagging, and its blades must have even sharpness along the length. We made sure that the XFasten Dressmaker’s Scissors for Fabric Cutting checks all of these so that it will be a good investment for both novice and expert tailors.

Why Choose the XFasten Professional Tailor Fabric Scissors?

● CHAMFERED BLADE THAT PREVENTS SNAGGING FOR ZERO WASTE. Have you ever used clothes cutting scissors that just snag every time, causing much waste? This is problematic, especially if dealing with expensive fabrics. The XFasten clothes cutting scissors are angled and ultra-sharp to prevent fabric snagging so you can work fast without worries.

● CUTS THROUGH MULTIPLE LAYERS. The XFasten professional dressmaker’s scissors are razor-sharp, so you can easily cut through multiple fabrics- even with thick cotton fabrics!

● RUBBERIZED HANDLES THAT REDUCE FATIGUE AND STRAIN. Say goodbye to giant scissors handles that are unwieldy to use and cause strain. Our rubberized handles reduce fatigue and even prevents oil and sweat build-up- perfect for long hours of fabric and textile cutting!

● WELL-OILED JOINING SCREW THAT ALLOWS FOR FAST CUTTING. The screws that join the blades are well-oiled, allowing for a smooth and faster and effortless cutting mechanism.

● ANGLED HANDLES THAT KEEP MATERIALS FLAT FOR PRECISE CUTTING The angled handles hold materials flat, allowing for precise and accurate tabletop cuts.

  • Razor sharp professional fabric scissors that smoothly cuts textile, cotton, denim and other fabrics like butter. Heat tempered carbon steel blade holds ultra-sharp edge well in years, CUTS FABRIC WITHOUT MUCH RESISTANCE and PREVENTS SNAGS on expensive fabric.
  • Heavy-duty fabric cutting scissors went through stringent laboratory-controlled heat tempering and quenching methods that grant these fabric shears just the right hardness and give to CUT THROUGH MULTIPLE LAYERS OF FABRIC without breaking or getting dull.
  • Rubberized handles on these professional tailor scissors are GRIPPY AND ERGONOMIC while being oleophobic- PREVENTS FATIGUE without getting sticky from oil and sweat. Angled handle on these sewing scissors for fabric HOLDS MATERIALS FLAT for smooth, accurate, and precise tabletop cuts.
  • Stable screw joining the blades of the XFasten Professional Sewing scissors for fabric is oiled well, enabling SMOOTH and SHAKE-FREE cutting of fabrics. Chamfered top blade allows for EVEN SHARPNESS along the whole length of the clothes cutting scissors.
  • These scissors for sewing are compatible with linen, jersey, silk, canvas, lace, velvet, denim, cotton and other artisan-grade fabrics. Its edges remain sharp for years, preventing fabric snags for ZERO-WASTE operation especially when cutting expensive fabrics.