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XFasten Wide Floral Tapes for Bouquet 1/2-Inch x 30 Yards - Dark Green (2-Pack)

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The XFasten Floral Bouquet Tape aims to accentuate the artisan in every florist's hands, even those with little experience in flower and bouquet arrangement, to ACHIEVE PROFESSIONAL-GRADE RESULTS in terms of how neat and strong the flower stems are bundled in the end.

NOTE: To activate the wax adhesive, stretch the floral green tape and wrap around the flower stems. The floral stem tape should turn sticky, causing it to fuse to itself on areas where it has been wrapped around stems. Leave the adhesive to dry for 1 hour, and the tape should feel dry to the touch.

Why Choose the XFasten Green Tape for Flowers?

● STRONG ADHESIVE. Many green paper tapes on the market do not hold out very long. The XFasten boutineer tape boasts a high shear stress resistance and extra-tackiness, making it extremely strong even on wet surfaces.

● OPTIMAL THICKNESS THAT’S EASY TO WORK WITH. Say goodbye to clunky flower stem wrap tapes that refuse to wrap around the flow stems easily. Thanks to its extra polyolefin layer, our green florist tape is paper-thin while being strong, tangle-proof, and mess-free, making it way easier and quicker to wrap around and fuse around flower stems.

● EASY-TO-ACTIVATE ADHESIVE. stretch the tape, and the wax layer should turn sticky. Our adhesives cure quickly, so you don’t have to wait for it to dry overnight, unlike other floral tapes.

● WATERPROOF AND INVISIBLE. Its dark green pigment allows it to practically be invisible and subtle on flower stems for a neater and seamless bouquet and flower arrangement. It is also waterproof, which makes it last even if the stems are submerged underwater.

● ACID-FREE, ARCHIVAL-SAFE, CHEMICAL-SAFE This green crepe paper tape will not corrode, fade, or bleed through other surfaces, making it usable for gift wrapping, DIY scrapbooking, stem-wrapping bouquets, flower pens, flower crowns, and foam wreaths.

  • Repositionable, Extra-Sticky and Professional Green Floral Tape that binds strongly to flower stems without any mess. Waterproof boutineer tape does not tear unnecessarily and protects flower bouquets from damage while on display or transit.
  • This green tape for flowers sports a COLORFAST dye that prevents fading and bleed-through. Blends invisibly on green floral stems, allowing for seamless flower arrangements. Can also be used for DIY scrapbooking, giftwrapping, creating flower pens, crowns, and foam wreaths.
  • Green florist tape features a mess-free and easy-to-handle wax layer that fuses to itself when stretched, resulting into neat applications, EMPOWERING the average user with LITTLE TO NO experience in flower and bouquet arrangement to ACHIEVE PROFESSIONAL-GRADE results!
  • ANTI-OXIDANT and POLYOLEFIN layer makes the green paper tape DURABLE and helps keep your flower stem FRESH and in PRISTINE condition. It is also waterproof, making it last even if the stems are soaked in water.
  • Repositionable crepe paper backing on this floral bouquet tape enables users to quickly and effortlessly bundle flowers. Unlike other floral stem tapes, now you can commit more time and effort in making the arrangements look good instead of spending time cleaning up the residue from other craft tapes.