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XFasten White Vapor Barrier Tape, 9 mil, 3.78-Inch x 60-Yards

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The XFasten Waterproof vapor barrier seam tape is a heavy-duty and all-weather crawlspace vapor barrier tape that is built to last and withstand extreme outdoor conditions and temperatures. It has an operating temperature range of -4°F to 203°F, by which it will not degrade, weather, shrivel or flake. It sticks to all building material types- concrete, wood, unfinished walls, Polypropylene and Polyethylene films, and housewrap films. It can also be used as an underlayment tape, a plastic seal tape for abatement and restoration, marine applications, and boat preservation.

Why Choose the XFasten White Vapor Barrier Tape for Crawlspaces, Basement and PE Films?

Built to last. Our basement vapor barrier tape’s pressure sensitive adhesive can withstand UV, frost, sunlight and heavy rainfall for up to 48 months. This white construction seaming tape is built to take a beating!

Made for BEGINNERS, for PROFESSIONAL projects. The XFasten white vapor barrier sheathing tape’s adhesive is mess-free and will not ooze out even on hot and humid environments, making this tape easy to install especially for beginners. Expect a professional finish, both in functionality and looks of your project.

Versatile. It sticks to almost all surfaces, making this waterproof vapor barrier tape especially useful for unfinished walls, concrete, Polypropylene and Polyethylene films.

True 9-mils Thickness.Other white vapor barrier seaming tape claim to be 9mils but are even thinner than your average trash bag. We make sure that our white sheathing tape is laboratory tested and certified to be exactly 9mils thick.

  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE white vapor barrier tape that sports a WATERPROOF and WEATHERPROOF silicone adhesive that allows it to stick to concrete, unfinished walls, and Polypropylene and Polyethylene films. Rated to adhere for projects lasting up to 48 months, even against elevated temperature, humidity, direct sunlight, and moisture.
  • TRUE 9-MIL THICKNESS. Are you tired of getting thin crawlspace encapsulation tapes that are supposed to be 9-mil thick but are just so thin? The XFasten crawl space encapsulation moisture barrier tape is precision machined and cut to ensure that you get a vapor barrier tape that is thick enough to provide waterproof seam sealing, but still easy to manage and install.
  • EXTREME ADHESION. Our white construction seaming tape for moisture barrier is made of Polypropylene and Polyethylene films that’s coupled with a high-tack and pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that can stick up to 48 months. It conforms well without excessive stretch especially on curved or hard to reach corners.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL VAPOR BARRIER FILMS. Designed to seal seams of Polypropylene and Polyethylene films, the XFasten Vapor Barrier Seam Tape can stick aggressively to concrete, unfinished walls and wood. This is an all-weather and all-surface underlayment tape.
  • DESIGNED TO TAKE A BEATING. We designed our white crawl space seam tape to withstand environments with extreme heat or low temperatures (-4°F to 203°F), moisture, UV, and humidity- making this a perfect white sheathing tape for abatement and restoration, boat preservation, greenhouse repair, and as a plastic vapor barrier tape for concrete for building, underlayment purposes, crawlspace, basement and house construction.