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XFasten Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 6-Pack, 6-Inch by 7-Inch

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Most, if not all, smartphones nowadays come in sleek glass-on-glass bodies bonded together with metal frames, usually aluminum or steel. However, these leaps in aesthetics and functionality in glass-manufacturing come with a price- due to them being ultra-clear, smears, smudges, and fingerprints are more noticeable than ever. And wet lens cleaning wipes leave smears of liquid on the surface once they dry. There are also microfiber cloths that are abrasive and end up scratching your precious investments! The XFasten Microfiber Cleaning Cloth prevents all of these as its ultra-smooth and non-abrasive surface removes dust, oil, smudges and fingerprints on eyeglasses, phone screens, and lenses without leaving any lint, smears or scratches.

Why Choose the XFasten Microfiber Screen Cleaner Wipes?

● DOES NOT LEAVE SMEARS. The issue with many electronic wipes is that they leave liquid smears and marks on phone screens. Worse, some had their laptop screen’s anti-glare corrode, come-off, break down or smear on the surface. The XFasten microfiber computer screen cleaner was manufactured in a non-corrosive and acid-free industrial process; thus it will not cause these unfortunate events that had befallen many screens and glasses due to other cheap glass wipes.

● NON-ABRASIVE. With our oleophobic coating, our lens wipes for eyeglasses are non-abrasive and will not leave off smears and liquid streaks. Say hello to a smooth and clear lens that does not scratch and leave off smears!

● WASHABLE AND FAST-DRYING. Each of our microfiber eyeglasses lens cleaners can be reused and washed. It is also fast-drying so that you can wash them and bring them with you after a couple of hours of airdrying.

● LONG-LASTING. These microfiber computer and tv screen cleaner wipes sport a nano-fused edge design that prevents fraying and snagging, thus extending its life-giving you the best value for your purchase.

  • Anti-fog microfiber cleaning cloth that removes dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and smears on eyeglasses, phone and laptop screens, pc and tv screen, camera and VR lens. DOES NOT LEAVE SMUDGES AND STREAKS.
  • IS YOUR PHONE A FINGERPRINT MAGNET? Our screen cleaner wipes feature an oleophobic coating that is GENTLE AND NON-ABRASIVE to phone, laptop, and computer LCD screens. Simply wipe these electronic wipes off on the surface and your phone is back to its shiny and pristine condition.
  • These lens cleaning wipes sport a nano-fused edge design that prevents fraying and snagging. EASY TO WASH and QUICK DRYING so you can reuse it multiple times. Each eyeglass and lens wipe is rated to last up to 3,200 wash cycles.
  • VERSATILE USE: You can use our microfiber cloth as lens wipes for eyeglasses, camera lens, VR lens, TV, phone, tablet and computer screen. These computer screen cleaner wipes are SAFE TO WIPE ON DELICATE SURFACES like mirrors, car screens, watches and JEWELRIES.