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XFasten Window Screen Repair Tape for Windows or Doors- 2" x 15 Feet (3 Layers), Black

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Do you have large holes in your window or door mesh but you just don’t have the time or budget to get a contractor to fix it? Do your pets love to rip off the door mesh? Have you tried those tent screen repair kits before that either just sticks unnecessarily everywhere or will just barely stick to your window mesh only to peel off after a few days? With a heat and cold fiberglass-polycarbonate mesh body construction, the XFasten Black Window Screen Repair Patch Tape can last for years and will fix and patch any screen mesh holes in a matter of seconds. Simply measure the hole, cut off a strip, peel the adhesive liner and mend the screen hole!

Why Choose the XFasten Black Window Screen Mending Tape?

● MATCHES ALL WINDOW MESH SIZES. With a standard 18x16 mesh size, our screen door repair tape can mend and match all window mesh sizes. You can install it on the inside, outside or both sides of the mesh hole to match the mesh size of your window screen.

● SUPER STRONG ADHESIVE . Our pop up camper screen repair tape can withstand up to 25lbs of pull force for up to 7 years against outdoor weather conditions such as direct sunlight, UV, rain, snow and even scratching from your pets.

● RESISTS TEARING BUT CONFORMABLE. Our screen tape mesh repair will not tear unnecessarily yet it will conform even on warped, uneven or creased window mesh screens.

Our screen mesh tape is also visible from the inside but people from the other side can’t see through it!

● TRIPLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION. The XFasten screen door repair kit black isn’t just a clear tape with a mesh pattern print. It contains three layers of mesh, adhesive and liner for easy and fast installation. With our screen door repair tape, it will just take you a few seconds to repair and mend mesh screen holes that will last for years!

  • BUILT TO LAST. The XFasten Window Screen Repair Tape for windows or doors is the only heavy-duty screen patch tape that features an industrial-grade silicone adhesive that lasts well against heavy rain, heat, sunlight and scratching from pets.
  • SUPER STRONG ADHESIVE. The XFasten window screen tape’s silicone adhesive is rated to hold up to 25lbs of weight for up to 7 years, preventing it from getting ripped off even by large pets. With our screen mending repair tape, your can repair your screen no matter how large the hole is!
  • EASY TO PEEL AND STICK. Some screen door repair tapes use so much glue that the mesh screen tape would just stick unnecessarily everywhere. Our screen tape mesh repair sports an easy-release adhesive liner and consistent adhesive application, allowing for easy peeling off for quick and MESS-FREE installation.
  • TEARING RESISTANT. Are you frustrated with window and door screen repair tapes that peel off from the surface just a few days after installation? Our sliding screen repair door tape will not tear, flake, or peel off for years, thanks to its weatherproof silicone adhesive.
  • TRUE-MESH CONSTRUCTION. To minimize costs, a lot of window screen patch kit tapes are just clear adhesives with a mesh pattern print to make it look like a window mesh. We made sure to use a true fiberglass-polycarbonate composite that conforms well on warped or uneven window mesh.