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XFasten Hazard Warning Safety Striped Tape, Black and Yellow, Waterproof, 2-Inch x 33-Yards

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The XFasten Yellow and Black Caution Hazard Tape features a fade-resistant and contrasting black and yellow stripes that serve as a warning on hazardous areas. Its outer layer is coated with a WATERPROOF FINISH that also acts as a non-slip layer that prevents oil buildup, preventing slips and falls. Its inner layer is coated with a WEATHERPROOF ADHESIVE that has a high shear stress resistance and tensile strength, allowing it to withstand harsh external forces such as friction from car tires and heavy equipment. The XFasten Safety Barricade Tape for Stairs and Concrete must-have engineering works, contractors, warehouses, stores, and even typical household concrete parking floors.

Why Choose the XFasten Caution Hazard Stripe Streamer Tape?

● EXTREME ADHESIVE. Following engineering SOPs and OHSAS guidelines, we made sure that the XFasten Floor Safety Vinyl Marking Tape is equipped with an industrial-grade adhesive that can withstand heat, pressure, and friction from heavy equipment, automobile, and harsh weather conditions.

● OPTIMAL THICKNESS FOR AISLE AND WAREHOUSE FLOOR MARKING. At 2.3 mils, the XFasten Caution Hazard Stripe Streamer Tape is rated to last for up to 5 years without fading, curling, peeling, or cracking.

● FADE-RESISTANT DYE. The saturated and contrasting yellow and black stripes on this hazard ribbon tape are visible on the naked eye up to 130 feet away from the user. This ensures that your employees or loved ones are always safe and cautioned whenever entering a potentially unsafe area.

● WATERPROOF AND WEATHERPROOF. This Caution Stripe Barricade Tape is designed to withstand heavy rain downpour, submersion to water, and even cold temperatures during the snowy season.

● ABRASION AND CORROSION PROOF Its outer layer is coated with a waterproof and abrasion-resistant shield that protects the tape from molding, moisture, and corrosive chemicals.

  • HIGH VISIBILITY. Vibrant yellow in combination with the contrasting black stripe on this safety stripe tape alerts and cautions employees as they enter a hazardous area. Visible up to 130 feet away- ideal for concrete parking spaces, electrical hazard areas, and warehouse floors.
  • BUILT TO TAKE A BEATING. This Black and Yellow Striped Tape is 2.3 mil thick- beyond the standard engineering requirement for contractors making it RESISTANT TO FADING, abrasion, tearing and curling even under harsh weather conditions.
  • HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH. This warehouse floor marking tape sports a SUPER STRONG PVC vinyl backing that RESISTS HIGH SHEAR STRESSES, friction, and pulling from heavy trolleys, carts, machines, heavy equipment and heavy-duty automobile tires.
  • WATERPROOF. Equipped with an INDUSTRIAL-GRADE adhesive that is waterproof and chemical corrosion-resistant, enabling users to install this hazard warning barricade tape on outdoor areas that are constantly exposed to rain, water, or snow.
  • NONSLIP FINISH. Furnished with a non-slip coating that is non-abrasive but oil-resistant, preventing slips and falls. This is a perfect aisle marking tape for stores, floor air vents, pool decks, concrete parking spaces and heavy equipment marking.