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XFasten #TheBestBondEver Challenge

the best bond ever


How to join?

1. Create and submit engaging Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Pinterest reels/stories showcasing creative and unique uses of any XFasten products.
2. Post it on your social media account, tag us, and use the hashtags #thebestbondever #XFastenBrand. Don’t forget to make your post public.
3. Receive XFasten Kit of your choice.

Choose your XFasten Kit

Office Products Home Improvement Workshop Arts & Crafts New Products
Double Sided Tape Carpet Tape Gaffer Tape Foam Mounting Tape Honeycomb Packing Paper
Masking Tape Anti Scratch Tape Woodworking Tape Drafting Tape Organic Coffee Filter
Magnetic Squares Anti Slip Tape Reflective Tape Hook and Loop Strips Adhesive Tiles
Magnetic Sheets Acrylic Mounting Tape Blue Painters Tape Foam Seal Tape Adhesive Tiles
Magnetic Business Cards Mounting Squares RV Awning Tape Glow in the Dark Tape Rubberized Grip Stickers
Clear Transparent Tape Aluminum Foil Tape Molding Tape Graphic Chart Tape Leather Tape
Laminating Pouches Pet Hair Lint Roller Duct Tape Neoprene Foam Roll Adhesive Wax Stickers
Laminating Sheets Magnetic Vent Cover Hook and Loop Tape Book Repair Tape Adhesive Hanging Tabs
Floor Marking Tape Dry Erase Tape Magnetic Tape Gummed Tape Self-Adhesive Fasteners
Correction Tape Seal Repair Tape Caution Tape Nano Tape Waterproof Cord Labels
Office Scissors Butyl Seal Tape Clear Packing Tape Adhesive Rollers Toy Blocker
Cable Ties, Multicolor Drywall Repair Tape Construction Seaming Tape Japan Dots Fluorescent Flagging Tape
Membrane Fabric Tape Thermal Tape Fabric and Vinyl Repair Tape Tamper Evident Tape
Silicone Tape Wire Harness Tape Floral Tape T-Shirt Ruler Guide
Weather Sealing Tape Paint Protection Film Tailor Scissors Joist Tape
RV Roof Seal Tape Butyl Headlamp Sealant Box Cutter Caulking Gun
Drywall Zinc Anchors Thank You Stickers
Silicone Sealant