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XFasten Floor Protection Film, 24-Inch x 200-Foot Roll

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Have you ever purchased hardwood plastic carpet protector film brands that used to be good but have considerably degraded in quality recently? A lot of brands, in pursuit of lowered costs, have cut corners which resulted into carpet protector films that are crinkly when applied and tear on the slightest stress. The XFasten Construction Floor Protection Film is equipped with a nonslip outer layer that prevents creases and a curling resistant adhesive layer that prevents it from accidentally sticking to itself. This allows our sticky floor and carpet traffic protector roll to be installed easily without accidentally sticking to itself, or without tearing or curling. Our contractor floor protector features a REVERSE-WOUND ROLL, meaning, you just have to push and roll the core forward, and the outside-facing adhesive side will automatically face the floor, enabling it to stick automatically without the risk of curling or accidentally sticking to itself.

Why Choose the XFasten Self-Adhesive Hardwood Floor Protective Film?

● SAFE FOR HARDWOOD FLOORS. The XFasten Carpet Plastic Protector Film for Floor, Stairs and Stair Treads does not leave a sticky residue nor will it damage delicate surfaces, especially hardwood floors.

● EXTRA-STRONG ADHESIVE. Our painting and construction protective film for hardwood floors is designed to stick for up to 60 days. It will also not wrinkle or curl, preventing any trip hazards while it is installed.

● DESIGNED FOR RUGGED USE. It is frustrating to have paint or mud splattered on your floor or carpet, leaving permanent stains. Our self-adhesive hardwood floor protection film is puncture resistant so it can withstand heavy foot traffic, wheelbarrow tires, paint and dropped tools.

IMPORTANT: Each roll comes with an extra 2ft where our label sticks (202 feet total length). This extra length should be cut as it is unusable but you will still get a total of 200 feet.

  • CONTRACTOR-GRADE FLOOR PROTECTION. This hardwood floor protective film is designed to shield your hardwood floor and low-profile carpet against dirt, mud, paint splatter and construction debris. A single XFasten sticky floor protector roll can go a long way in preventing your floor from damage during renovation. Our Carpet Self-adhesive Film Shield can cover up to 400 square feet.
  • CURLING, TEARING, AND PUNCTURE RESISTANT. A lot of construction floor protection film brands have cut corners and have reduced their quality, resulting into tearing, curling, and warping on the slightest stress? We heat temper our construction carpet protection film to make it stretchable yet resistant to puncture. It will resist damage against wheelbarrow wheels, heavy and muddy/dirty foot traffic, paint splatters and dropped tools.
  • REVERSE UNWINDING. Our hardwood floor protective film sports a reverse-wound adhesive roll that allows it to be unspooled easily without unnecessarily sticking to itself enabling the AVERAGE homeowner who has LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE in using self-adhesive floor and carpet protection films to achieve a PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION just as if a contractor did the job. IMPORTANT: The adhesive part faces outward the roll for easy unwinding.
  • STRONG BUT RESIDUE-FREE ADHESIVE. The XFasten painting and construction protective film for carpet and hardwood floors sticks strongly for up to 60 days. Its acid-free silicone adhesive does not leave a sticky residue, nor will it damage the surface, especially delicate hardwood floors. This provides a temporary floor protection that will not damage your wood floor. IMPORTANT: This film sticks to low-profile carpets but is NOT PRIMARILY DESIGNED for plush carpets.