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XFasten Multicolor Neon Gaffer Tape | 1 Inch x 18 Feet (5-Pack)

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If you want to make a statement or create an eye-catching display at your kid's party or any event, get the XFasten Multicolor Fluorescent Gaffer Tape. They're the most luminous gaffer tape under blacklight and are rated at high brightness under UV or blacklight.


  • This gaffer tape has a matte finish that's ideal for decorating walls and floors at kid and adult rave parties.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations as they're water and abrasion-resistant.
  • These neon gaffer tapes are residue-free and will not leave any sticky goo or damage the surface.
  • Ideal for temporary spaces for shoots, demonstrations, and others.
  • Compatible with plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, cement, leather, carpet, and glass.


  • EVENT DECOR AND DESIGN: Use this black light tape to transform any event into a virtually stunning experience. You can wrap poles, create geometric patterns on walls, or highlight specific areas with these vibrant neon tapes to add a lively and energetic atmosphere to events like weddings, parties, and concerts.
  • STAGE MARKING AND ORGANIZATION: Mark positions, pathways, or designated areas with these multicolor neon gaffer tapes to enhance visibility during performances and events. The high-visibility neon hues help performers and crew navigate the stage seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and well-organized production.
  • SAFETY SIGNAGE AND MARKING: Improve safety in low-light environments by using the neon tape glow in the dark to create highly visible markings. Whether it's marking emergency exits, indicating potential hazards, or highlighting safety zones, the neon colors stand out, providing clear guidance in situations where visibility is crucial.
  • CUSTOMIZED EQUIPMENT AND GEAR IDENTIFICATION: Personalize and identify your equipment easily by using multicolor neon gaffer tape. Wrap handles, cords, or specific parts of tools and gear with different neon colors to distinguish them at a glance.

    MOST LUMINOUS GAFFERS TAPE UNDER BLACK LIGHT: Rated at high brightness, these multicolor neon gaffer tapes are the most vibrant UV gaffer tapes on Amazon! They are vibrant in daylight and glow brightly under UV or blacklight.

    SURFACE-SAFE, EASY TO REMOVE: This gaffer tape is compatible with most surfaces like plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, cement, leather, and glass. It’s also easy to remove and move places if necessary.

    FIVE VIBRANT COLORS: This multicolor fluorescent matte gaffer tape includes neon green, orange, pink, yellow, and blue that are sensitive and reactive with black light. These neon colored pro gaff tapes’ colors pop and glow well in reaction to UV light.

    NO RESIDUE TAPE AND MESS-FREE: Perfect for hosting rave or black light parties as our blacklight gaff tape is residue-free and will not leave any sticky goo or damage the surface. Once the event is over, our gaffers tape can pull off cleanly with no residue.

    CLOTH TAPE THAT’S EASY TO CUT: This cloth tape is reinforced with a textile backing making it easy to tear by hand. You can use it as a neon art tape with your kids to create numbers and fun shapes that glow under black light. You can also use it to step up your hosting as you amaze partygoers with the cool designs you can create on dance floors and walls.