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XFasten Butyl Headlamp Sealant, 7 millimeters x 20 Feet, 7 millimeters Thick

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Modifying, retrofitting, or assembling a set of high-end or considerably priced headlights, you would always want it to be right on the first try. If you are planning to assemble your headlights yourself, then it is imperative that it is impermeable to moisture and water, especially during the rainy season. The XFasten Butyl Headlight Sealant is a simple, straightforward and no-frills rubber butyl rope sealant tape that simply works and prevents moisture from entering- further preventing condensation and bubbling inside your headlamp. It prevents moisture from accumulating inside your headlight and it also prevents it from condensing and damaging your headlight components.

Why Choose the XFasten Automotive Butyl Rubber Headlight Sealant Tape?

● OEM-GRADE FINISH. Do not recycle your old headlight butyl sealant just because you think OEM sealants are great. The XFasten Waterproof butyl sealant tape follows industry—standards for OEM-grade butyl sealants, ensuring that your new butyl rope headlight sealant is up to par, if not better than your original selant.

● PREVENTS CONDENSATION. Our automotive butyl sealant tape prevents moisture and vapor from entering and it also resists elevated temperatures and humidity, thus ensuring that no condensation occurs inside your headlight unit.

● PLENTY FOR LARGE HEADLIGHTS. With 20 Feet per pack, our butyl headlight sealant, is more than enough for 2-4 large automotive headlights.

● STRAIGHTFORWARD AND EASY TO WORK WITH. With our patented butyl blend, our butyl windshield sealant tape will not stick to unwanted surfaces like your hands, rather it only sticks to the surface which you want to seal- due to its pressure sensitive adhesion that activates whenever you apply pressure or press it against the surface.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO

  • OEM-GRADE AND RACE-SPEC Automotive Butyl Headlamp Sealant Tape that sports a waterproof rubber sealant that can deliver airtight and watertight sealing for headlights, windshield, windows, and pool lights. Rated to last well for years even under constant exposure with high humidity, high heat, and elevated temperature, rainfall or UV.
  • PROFESSIONAL FINISH. This automotive butyl tape features a patented butyl blend that prevents it from degrading into a messy goo, sticking only on surfaces you want to seal and not all over the place- EMPOWERING AVERAGE AUTOMOBILE OWNERS with LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE in repair, resealing and retrofitting headlamps to achieve a PROFESSIONAL and OEM-like finish, both in looks and functionality.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. No oven or heat gun? No problem! Although best if heat tempered with an oven, you could heat temper our butyl rope sealant tape with a hairdryer and clamps. This waterproof butyl headlight and windshield sealant tape installs without gaps and can be easily flexed on tight corners and awkward curves for easy installation.
  • PREVENTS CONDENSATION. Even with constant rainfall, high humidity and elevated temperatures, our automotive butyl rubber headlight sealant tape prevents condensation, eliminating any frustrating resealing. This butyl headlight sealant tape is ideal for people who would like retrofitting and modifying their headlights PERFECTLY ON THE FIRST TRY.
  • PLENTY BUTYL ROPE ESPECIALLY FOR LARGE HEADLIGHTS. Prevents deformation and absorbs shock, vibration and deadens sound on glass and metal surfaces. With a 20-feet length and zero-waste core, you are sure to have plenty of automotive rubber butyl sealant tape, especially for resealing multiple large headlights.