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XFasten Retractable Box Cutter with Safety Scraper (Set of 12) Bulk Cardboard and Carton Mini Box Cutter Blades Pack


Working in an enterprise department that requires you to pack and unpack hundreds of boxes per day can be back-breaking. If your work requires packing and unpacking multiple boxes, or if you are an enterprise owner that employs workers for this job, then you need to invest in a reliable retractable box cutter. The XFasten, Small Cardboard Box Cutter with Scraper is a simple, straightforward, and no-frills box opener that works. It can also be configured as a scraper, which can be used to scrape paint, stickers, sticker residue from tile, stone, cardboard, and other surfaces

Why Choose the XFasten Mini Retractable Box Cutters?

● PRECISE CUTTING.The XFasten Metal Box Cutter with Scraper’s casing fits the blades tightly, preventing it from wiggling, allowing for a more tactile and definite feeling while cutting- preventing the common feeling of “softness” on many other box openers which is caused by unstable blades.

● CUT THROUGH BOXES WITH NO FATIGUE. Our razor box cutter blade packs are designed to have just the right thickness for it to easily cut through cardboard boxes, reducing strain and fatigue in hand for extended and fast-paced cutting.

● LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE.Because of its lightweight and compact design, you can keep it virtually anywhere and take them out anytime you want. This bulk box cutter with scraper pack comes with 12 carton box opener cutters.

● STRAIGHTFORWARD AND EASY TO WORK WITH. Its dark green pigment allows it to practically be invisible and subtle on flower stems for a neater and seamless bouquet and flower arrangement. It is also waterproof, which makes it last even if the stems are submerged underwater.

● DESIGNED FOR SAFE BUT FAST-PACED OPERATION.Our box cutters are simple and straightforward to use while still being very safe to use due to their compact and tight design (which prevents the blades from slipping or wiggling).

  • INDUSTRIAL CHROMIUM-VANADIUM STEEL retractable box cutter that’s both compact and lightweight for everyday pocket carry. This small box cutter sports a thin profile that cuts through cardboard boxes and plastic with maximum precision and without much resistance.
  • CUTS THROUGH BOXES LIKE BUTTER. Our box opener blades are made of chromium-vanadium steel that went through stringent laboratory-controlled heat tempering and quenching methods, hence granting these metal box cutters pack just the right toughness to cut through cardboard and plastic easily all while resisting getting dull or breaking.
  • ARTISAN-GRADE CRAFTSMANSHIP. The mini retractable box cutter’s casing snuggly fits the blade preventing it from wiggling while cutting, ensuring a stable and safe cut. Its blade can also be RECONFIGURED AS A SCRAPER to remove paint and sticker residue. This box cutter with scraper can remove paint, sticker, and open sealed packages.
  • DESIGNED FOR FAST-PACED OPERATION. With a featherweight and thin body profile, it can be stored easily on your toolbox, workbench or keychain. It can be easily retracted, stored and taken out- making perfect for FAST-PACED UNPACKING WHILE MANTAINING OVERALL SAFETY.
  • MANUFACTURED WITH SAFETY IN MIND. The fit and finish of these bulk carton box cutter blades are designed for enterprise pros that need to cut and pack hundreds of boxes on their department per day. These are straightforward and easy to use and their secure casing prevents you from cutting yourself, especially on long days of cutting and unpacking boxes.
  • CAN BE CONFIGURED INTO SCRAPERS. The XFasten Box Cutter Pack comes with 12 mini box cutters that are pocket sized. They can be configured into a scraper, for scraping windows, tiles, boxes, concrete and walls from stickers or paint residue.