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XFasten Tape Measure with Adhesive Back, 0.5-Inch x 12-Feet (2-Pack) Left to Right Peel


Woodworking, sewing and other artisan crafts that need precise and accurate measurement constantly require measuring your materials accurate to the sliver of an inch. This means that you either have to constantly interrupt your work to take out your ruler or tape measure, or you end up with sticking an actual tape measure to your workstation using a double-sided tape. There are tape measures that are adhesive backed but they often warp and stretch upon installation, resulting into erroneous readings. The XFasten adhesive backed ruler is an adhesive backed tape measure ruler that resists warping, delivering Class I accuracy, which is accurate up to up to ±1.10mm or ±0.04-inch. This allows you to save time and effort by having a ready-measuring tool at your workbench without sacrificing accuracy or precision.

Why Choose the XFasten Left to Right Stick on Tape Measure?

● DESIGNED FOR ARTISAN USE. Our peel and stick tape measure focuses on accuracy, adhesive strength and clean and clear markings that are highly visible even when viewed from a distance or when standing. This makes it the perfect adhesive backed tape measure ruler tape for woodworkers, tailors, and other artisans.

● DOES NOT FADE AWAY. Our peel and stick sewing ruler tape sticker has a weather-proof and friction resistant protective layer that prevents the already clear and bold markings from fading, being rubbed off or removed- even when scraped or rubbed by tools.

● EXTRA-STRONG BUT SURFACE-SAFE ADHESIVE. Our flat sewing measuring tape’s silicone adhesive is compatible with both smooth and textured surfaces such as wood, concrete, plastic, metal, and tile, but it does not leave a sticky residue nor will it damage the surface upon removal.

● DESIGNED FOR RUGGED USE. It is also waterproof, so it can be used as a adhesive ruler for a fishing yardstick poles.

  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE Adhesive backed measuring tape that focuses greatly on heavy-duty adhesion on any surface, weatherproof and fade-resistant tape measure ruler marking, and HIGH ACCURACY as a PROFESSIONAL-GRADE peel and stick tape measure for workbenches, woodworking and sewing.
  • ACCURATE AND PRECISE. Other stick on tape measure warp and stretch upon installation ending up with a very inaccurate reading. We made sure that the XFasten Adhesive Measuring Tape is Class I certified which is accurate up to ±1.10mm or ±0.04-inch and will not warp nor stretch upon installation. This means our adhesive backed ruler features PINPOINT PAPER-THIN ACCURACY!
  • FADING-PROOF RULER MARKINGS. Do you need a measuring tape with adhesive for work bench that will last even if constantly marked, rubbed and bumped by your tools? Our peel and stick ruler tape has a friction resistant film cover that prevents it from fading even under extreme working conditions. Our peel and stick sewing ruler tape's markings are also clear and bold even when viewed from a distance.
  • SUPER STRONG ADHESION. Our measuring tape with adhesive for woodworking, workbench, and sewing has a heavy-duty silicone adhesive that sticks well even when exposed to elevated temperature and humidity- allowing it to stick to wood, plastic, metal, stone, silicone and other workbench materials.