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XFasten Balloon Glue Point Dots Clear, Removable, 2500 Pcs (25 Rolls)

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Balloons have been a staple décor for every occasion. As kids, we have all dreamt of being flown in the sky by a bunch of balloons dyed by our favorite colors. This might be why we always think that parties are not complete without balloons and balloon arch. Whatever the occasion is, may that be a kid’s birthday party, a baby shower, wedding, Christmas, or even Halloween- we always come back to balloons as our décor of choice. And if you want to create the most attractive and artistic balloon arch or column, you also need good, if not the best, double-sided glue point dots for balloons in the market. Put, if you want to make your kid smile with the balloon decors not falling off from the wall, then you need the XFasten Balloon Adhesive Point Dots.

Why Choose the XFasten Clear Balloon Arch Tape?

● STRONG AND RELIABLE ADHESIVE. Many balloons sticky adhesive point dot tapes fall off a few hours after installing it. Our proprietary silicone adhesive blend allows the balloon adhesive points to stay for weeks strongly while still being removable.

● OPTIMAL THICKNESS THAT’S EASY TO WORK WITH. These balloon dot point strips have the optimal thickness that prevents them from curling to themselves or shrinking while on your finger, allowing for easier transfer on the surface.

● EASY-TO-PEEL and STICK. The quick-release adhesive liner enables you to remove each of these balloon arch column dot points easily in one piece from the roll. Less dot point adhesive wasted means more balloons that you could mount!

● CAN BE USED FOR ART PROJECTS. These scrapbooking glue point tape can also be used for scrapbooking and mounting decors on the wall like paper flowers, glow in the dark stars, posters, and other light objects.

● CHEMICAL-FREE These double-sided glue point tape for balloons do not have a chemical smell, are non-toxic, and are chemically safe.

  • MAKE BIRTHDAY PARTIES SPECIAL. As kids, we have once all dreamt of flying before, more or less us being flown in the sky by a bunch of balloons. This might be the reason why balloons in parties touch that kid inside use every time we see these decors on parties. Step up parties and create the best balloon arch column arrangement with the XFasten Balloon Glue Point Dots! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, Halloween, and other special occasions.
  • SUPERIOR ADHESION. Other clear balloon arch tapes fall off after just an hour, but the XFasten double-sided glue point dots isn’t just any other adhesive. Using our proprietary silicone adhesive blend, our balloon tape strips’ tackiness will last for the whole duration of the event and even after, until needed to be removed. Sticks well to glass, cement, concrete, plastic and cardboard.
  • EASY TO PEEL AND STICK. Many balloon sticky adhesive point dot tapes are too thin that they stick to your hand or are hard to remove from the roll. The XFasten transparent balloon arch tape is equipped with a quick-release adhesive liner allowing for easy peeling. It will not curl or shrivel while on your finger and can be transferred easily to the surface.
  • LIFESAVER FOR PROJECTS. Do you need to stick several decors on the wall? These scrapbooking glue point dot tape can also be used for scrapbooking or hanging decors, flowers, balloons, rosettes, and other light decors on the wall so that you won’t need to cut individual strips of double-sided tape!
  • LONG LASTING. With a total of 2,500 glue point dots for balloons and a shelf life of 6 years, these double-sided dots will last for a long time for many occasions. With just the right thickness that allows for easy transfer, you will not end up losing more dots that you can use, unlike other glue point dot on Amazon.