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How to create a DIY Dust Face Mask? - XFasten

How to create a DIY Dust Face Mask?

With the ever-rising trend in COVID-19 cases as reported by the WHO, people scramble to find ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. Aside from the essential disinfectant and soap, masks are also very crucial nowadays.

Dust masks coupled with goggles provide near-absolute protection not just against the COVID-19 virus but also other disease-causing germs and viruses. With the sudden and staggering demand in personal protective equipment, we face a dire shortage of medical face masks.

As such, we from XFasten took the initiative to create an easy-to-follow guide on how to create a dust mask that can protect against small particulate matters, fluid droplets and aerosol sprays in the air which may unknowingly carry with them these viruses.

What is needed to make a DIY Dust Mask: 

How to Create a DIY Medical Face Mask

IMPORTANT: Wash your hands properly (with soap and water) and disinfect your tools first before making a face mask.

1.   Cut a portion of the Waterproofing Membrane Sheet. Prepare a 6”x45” portion.

2.   Fold the sheet crosswise thrice with the sides layering on top of each other. You should have a final dimension of 6”x15”. This will serve as the aerosol and droplet filter of the mask.

3.   Cut a portion of a paper towel. Prepare a 6"x30" portion. If available, choose a soft paper towel that is gentle to the skin.

4.   Fold the kitchen towel to form a 6”x15” dimension. This will serve as the outer layers of the mask.

5.   Insert the waterproofing membrane fabric sheet between the folded kitchen towels.

6.   Create a tri-crease-fold in order to make the mask adjustable to the shape of the wearer’s face. 

7.   Tape each side of the mask using masking tape or double-sided carpet tape. Seal the whole length of the sides using masking tape. This seals the waterproofing membrane as a filter. It also provides adequate structural support for the whole mask. A Carpet tape would be better for this purpose as it provides a stronger adhesion that is both waterproof and weatherproof.

8.   Fold each side of the mask, inserting a large rubber band on each side. These rubber bands would serve as the mounting bands of the mask.

9.   Attach and secure the rubber bands by stapling them on the mask or by using masking tape. Alternatively, you can also sew them in place.

How Effective is this DIY Dust Mask?

This DIY dust medical mask can repel fluid droplets and aerosols in the air. This is due to the Waterproofing Membrane Sheet’s ability to waterproof any surface. It has a water-repellant fabric surface that is hydrophobic and non-absorbent. This protects the user against airborne viruses and bacteria that may be carried through water droplets.

Also, because of the fabric’s tight weave, it does not allow particulate matters and any dust particles that are more than 4 microns to go past it. This level of filtration is the same with many commercial and standardized face masks.

What is a Waterproofing Membrane Fabric Sheet?

A Waterproofing Membrane Sheet is a fiberglass fabric that is woven to provide absolute waterproofing on home and shower walls. It does not allow dust particles, mold, and moisture to accumulate on the surface.

While primarily used for home improvement and renovation, these waterproofing sheets are also the same material that is used for industrial-grade and medical-grade masks.

What are Carpet Tapes?

A Carpet Tape is a waterproof and weatherproof double-sided tape that bonds fabric surfaces together. It has a high resistance against friction. These factors make dust masks made from carpet tapes strong, even on extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Where to Buy Waterproofing Membrane Fabric Sheet and Carpet Tape?

You can purchase the XFasten Waterproofing Membrane Fabric Sheet and Carpet Tape on our Shopify store. You can also purchase it from Amazon here.

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