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painters tape

Other Uses of Blue Painters Tape

painters tape

Aside from painting jobs, where else are you using the Blue Painters Tape?

Blue Painters Tape are single-side adhesives specifically made to ease the jobs of professional painters and help non-professional and DIY crafters achieve a professional look on their painting jobs.

But did you know that you can also use Painters Tape on other DIY projects? Yes, there are other projects that you can benefit from when using Painters Tape. It can be handy in woodworking projects, labeling jobs, arts and crafts, and home improvement projects.

Here are the top five projects to use Blue Painters Tape:

1. Dust Catcher

Home do-it-yourself projects are exhausting not because of the job itself but because of cleaning the mess that comes after. It’s the ultimate job that most people do not want to do. Thankfully, you can use a Blue Painters Tape as a dust catcher when drilling your walls or cleaning the edges of the window and other surfaces. 

Do this by cutting two strips of blue painters tape of the same length, taping them side by side, folding them in half, and placing one of the sticky sides on the surface where you will be drilling. Make sure that you will drill above the tape so the tape will catch all the dust from the drilling. 

You don’t have to worry about the tape residue because Blue Painters Tape is gentle and won’t leave a mess when removed to the surface.

2. Tearout Prevention

One of the common problems of woodworkers when making crosscuts with blades is a tearout on the edge of a workpiece. Prevent this using one of the most advisable tips: adhere to a Blue Painters Tape on the plywood surface you will be cutting. This hack will support the wood and reduce chipping and tearout.

3. Caulking Guideline

One of the main reasons Blue Painters Tape existed was to help everyone achieve a neat and clean line when painting. This very reason is why you should always use Blue Painters Tape when caulking at home. It will maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen and comfort room by creating an attractive finish to caulking. 

4. Drill Bit Depth Gauge

Another important tip, especially for woodworkers, is to use Blue Painters Tape as a drill bit depth gauge. You can prevent excessive drilling by using tape as a marker.

5. Tape Measure Labels

Any handyman probably knew about this tip! You can cut the Painters Tape into smaller pieces and then use it to take note of the necessary measurements.

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