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All You Need to Know About Anti-Slip Tape - XFasten

All You Need to Know About Anti-Slip Tape

The XFasten Anti-Slip Tape is one of the sought after products in our store. We made a brief compilation of the questions asked by our customers from Amazon in order for our readers to be fully informed of them as well. Here at XFasten, we are always proactive in ensuring that our readers and customers are given with enough information regarding the products which you may be considering to install at home.

As you may know, the XFasten Anti Slip Tape is a grit-based tape that reinforces the grip and traction of our foot in otherwise slippery surfaces such as stairs, outdoor path walks, pools and other areas which may be covered with water or snow occasionally.  Most of our customers install an Anti-Slip Tape on their homes in order to ensure the safety of their family, elderly, children and even pets. Without further ado, here are some frequently asked questions asked by our Amazon customers.

Will it stick to cement?

The XFasten Anti Slip Tape is designed for smooth surfaces however, you may use it still in cement by using a roller/rubber hammer to close as many gaps as possible in between the Anti-Slip Tape and the surface. The success of the application lies in being able to apply as much force as possible on the tape strips towards the surface during the installation process. It also sticks well to other surfaces like fiberglass, wood, foam, textile, concrete, marble and ceramic.

Will this stick to the vinyl floor in a shed?

As a general rule of the thumb as long as the surface is flat, dry and dust free then our anti-slip tape's adhesive would stick.

If stuck to the bottom of sewing machine power pedal, would pedal stay put?

Yes, the XFasten Anti Slip Tape would help your pedal stay put. In fact, you can look at our reviews to see that we have many customers who are actually using this for industrial purposes. This will work especially on metal pedals, given that typical rubber pads wouldn't be effective once the metal gets clunky or the finish starts to chip off. The anti slip tape can provide much more traction and friction, although you would have to cut it to your preferred size or shape in order to fit into the pedal's template.

Will it adhere at the bottom of your shoes/boots?

While it will adhere perfectly to your outsole and any rubber surfaces perfectly, we would like you to be mindful that the surface of the XFasten Anti-Slip Tape is in the form of a grit-tape that is comfortable to the feet. While it is comfortable on bare feet, we wouldn't recommend rubbing it against paint or any delicate floor finishes.

I have a diamond plate step stabbed into my trailer hitch on the back of a Chevy Silverado -- will this remain adhered?

 Although the XFasten Anti Slip Tape can adhere to textured surfaces, it is really not intended for extremely uneven or corrugated surfaces. However, if you would want to try it out, we recommend using a roller to ensure that the anti-slip tape adheres well to your trailer.

I'm trying to picture what "80 grit aluminum oxide compound" would be like? Okay for bare feet? going down 30 steps barefoot?

our XFasten Anti Slip Tape is certified for ISO QMS (Quality Certification) and OHSAS (Occupational Safety and Health Certification), which means that it is compliant with safety standards set by the international community on household and industrial materials. Our tape is not abrasive and is even comfortable on the foot. 30 steps barefoot would not be a problem at all, especially with the traction that you are getting.

What size variants do you have?

The XFasten Anti Slip Tape come in a 2" and 4" width variants.

Will it adhere to cloth? Thinking about trying it on the bottom of sofa cushions to keep from slipping.

Yes, this would adhere to cloth pretty well as long as the surface is flat. Just make sure that the surface is completely clean and dust free before applying the XFasten Anti Slip Tape. Dust and dirt can significantly reduce the adhesive strength of any adhesive product, so you may want to ensure that the surface is completely clean before installing the XFasten Anti Slip Tape.

Will this work in the shower?

Although it would in ceramic and plastic tiles, the XFasten Bathtub and Shower Tape is much more suited for that application as it is properly sealed with a waterproof adhesive and has a milder grit texture.

So this tape will not damage the finish on hardwood floors? We are renting and concerned about damaging the finish on indoor hardwood stairs.

Yes, the XFasten Anti-Slip Tape will not damage the finish on hardwood floors as it is designed to not leave any residue or damage the surface finish. It's natural rubber adhesive is mild enough for both treated and untreated wood. This works well on delicate surfaces.

I'm looking for something to put by my mom bed so she can get up without slipping and falling.

The XFasten Anti Slip Tape could certainly ensure your mother's safety when she gets up. Our tape is made of a premium grit-based anti-slip material that complies with the international standards of occupational safety so you can be sure that it would prevent any slipping or falling. We highly recommend this product for your mother.

Could I use this tape on the bottom of a kiddy pool?

Yes, indeed you can use it on the bottom of a kiddy pool. However, make sure that the moment it is installed the pool's surface is completely dry and dust free. Although it is waterproof, moisture and dust on the initial bonding instance would greatly lessen its adhesive power. Also, after installing it, it is recommended to apply some pressure using a rubber hammer, roller or any cylindrical canister like a wine bottle. Apply some pressure to it several times to ensure the stability of its bonding strength. Lastly, before filling up the pool again, please allow the adhesive to cure for at least 12 hours before fully submerging it in water.

Would this keep outdoor cushions from sliding off the furniture?

Yes, this can keep outdoor cushions from sliding off the furniture since it is an 80 grit anti-slip tape. However, you can also try our XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape as it is essentially designed for the purpose of adhering cushions and other fabrics like carpet to surfaces like the furniture.

Is this Pet-free?

The XFasten Anti Slip Tape is made of hemp textile as we are slowly moving away from Polyethylene terephthalate as our main material due to the environmental concerns that it poses in our production. It will not cause any allergic reactions to your feet or skin so you don't have to worry about anything.

Those were the questions that our customers commonly ask us. Do you have any questions regarding the XFasten Anti-Slip Tape? If so, please don't hesitate to comment below or email us at Have a nice day ahead!

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I can’t figure out how to start using this roller! There must be a secret! Please help

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