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XFasten Blue Painter's Tape, 2 Inch x 60 Yards (24-Pack)

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The XFasten Blue painter’s tape allows the American household to achieve a professional-quality paint job by masking an air-tight adhesion to desired surfaces to prevent paint bleed-through, hence delivering sharp paint lines in the end. It comes in a pack of 24 rolls, with 60 yards each roll, at a fraction of the cost compared to other brands. In total, you will get a sum of 1,440 Yards of Blue Painter’s Masking Tape in bulk.

Premium Quality Tape that Stays Up to 60 Days Without Leaving Any Sticky Residue

The XFasten Blue Masking Tape can stay up to 2 months without having any gaps on its adhesion allowing you to have prolonged paint job projects. It does not leave any sticky residue, giving you an overall streamlined and clean look.

Does not Damage Delicate Surfaces

Whether it be untreated or treated wood panels, glass, metal, porcelain, tiles or textured surfaces, you can never go wrong with this painter tape. XFasten’s adhesive is top of the line and goes through several rigorous laboratory tests just to ensure that it stays strong but at the same time not aggressive enough to pull off surface finishes. The result is an extremely stable adhesive material that will protect and ensure the integrity of your surface finishing.

UV, Sunlight and Humidity Resistant Tape

The blue masking tape backing is specially treated to resist UV, direct sunlight, and humidity. This tape is extremely convenient to use in any weather conditions. Even if the weather changes from time to time, this painter tape is sure to stay consistent and reliable.

Easy To Unwind and Install

The problem that many people encounter with adhesives is that when they peel and cut off a strip from the roll, the strip starts to curl unnecessarily on the fingers, making the whole process extremely messy. That is not a problem with XFasten as it is treated to resist curling but still is highly conformable.

  • INDUSTRIAL-GRADE Blue Painters Tape with excellent anti-bleeding width-to-width lamination that delivers sharp paint lines, narrow edges, and intricate line designs. This bulk blue painters tape 2 inch comes in a 24 pack, which is perfect for enterprise-scale or medium to large projects for both Home renovation and automobile painting.
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR HEAVY-DUTY ADHESION. Have you been frustrated with other generic or named brands claiming to have reliable adhesion but you just end up having a blue tape that barely sticks to anything and peels off hours after it has been mounted? With our special silicone-acrylic adhesive blend, our blue painter’s masking tape can stick up to 60 days, even under prolonged exposure to elevated temperature, UV and moisture. This is the perfect masking tape for painting!
  • SURFACE-SAFE AND RESIDUE-FREE. Beyond ensuring that its adhesive has high shear and tensile stress resistance, we also made sure that with a silicone adhesive, the XFasten 2 inch Blue Painters Tape remains gentle to even the most delicate surfaces like wood, cardboard, paper or drywall- it will not leave any sticky and gooey residue nor will it damage the surface upon removal!
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE RESULTS. Do you need a 2 inch blue painters tape that produces CRISP LINES may it be for the simplest or most intricate designs? We’ve got you covered! By taking advantage of the polarity of paint pigments, our Sharp Edge and Line Technology silicone adhesive blend shuts off and seals away paint- eliminating any ridges and residue along the paint line upon removal. This ingenious adhesive engineering produces sharp and crisp lines for that perfect paint job!
  • EASY TO MANAGE, PEEL AND STICK. Our Blue Painters tape 2 inch sports an easy-release adhesive liner and pressure sensitive adhesive, allowing it to unwind from the roll easily. It will also NOT CURL UNNECESSARY IN YOUR HAND, and will only stick once you press it down, sticking only to the intended surface, EMPOWERING the AVERAGE USER with LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE in painting and home renovation to finally PRODUCE PROFESSIONAL-GRADE paint jobs that are at par with contractors and professionals.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE AND MULTI-CERTIFIED. This multi-purpose blue-painter’s tape can stick to both smooth and textured surfaces such as concrete, glass, wood, drywall, plastic, metal, aluminum and polycarbonate. It can also be used as a floor marking tape for mall queues and social distancing boxes. It is also Weather Resistant and is ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), ISO 1400 (Environment) Certified.
  • PERFECT FOR DELICATE SURFACES. Comes off only when needed, but will not degrade into a sticky and messy goo, even under direct heat from the sun. It will not damage surfaces or delicate paint finishes.
  • LASTS EVEN FOR LONG TERM PROJECTS. Rated to last up to 60 days without adhesive strength degradation, the XFasten Bulk blue painters tape is perfect for both short term and long term projects.
  • PRODUCES SHARP AND CRISP LINES. Our Bulk 2 Inch Blue Painters Tape efficiently prevents paint bleeding and delivers sharp paint lines. Exceeds industry standards for paint sealing, making it the apt painters Tape for paint jobs which require sharp and seamless paint design.