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Why You'll Love The XFasten Blue Painter's Tape

What People Are Saying About The XFasten Blue Painter's Tape

The XFasten Painter's Tape is super easy to use, and the tape tore in relatively clean lines as I taped around doors, windows, floors, and ceilings. I choose to edge-out sometimes because the task of taping a room can be tedious, but this went quickly.

Cortney Arrant

The adhesive on this tape is fantastic and performs much better than brands I've used in the past. The XFasten Painter's Tape sealed and held up on rough texture just fine. When I pulled the tape off while the paint was still wet, I got a perfect and clean line.

Jonathan F.

Love this tape! The XFasten Painter's Tape withstands spray paint. It's also not just for painting purposes, I use it to label things at work. You can write with a marker easily on the blue surface. This tape sticks perfectly and best of all, removes with no residue.


The XFasten Painter's Tape met all claims. The tape peaked off easy with no damage. It also works on multiple surfaces. I tried this on drywall, glass, wood, and metal. It worked great on all. Highly recommended.