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XFasten Gaffer's Tape | 3 Inches x 30 Yards

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The XFasten non-reflective Black Gaffer Tape 3 inches by 30 yards won't interfere with on-stage performances or studio lighting setups. It blends in seamlessly with the surface, and its residue-free formula won't damage any surface when it's time to remove the tape.


  • Non-reflective and will perfectly hide stage markings and other cables in the shadows.
  • Water and abrasion-resistant Gaffer Tape with a matte and anti-slip finish.
  • This black gaff tape is surface-safe and will not leave any messy adhesive residue when removed.
  • Ideal for temporary spaces for shoots, demonstrations, and others.
  • Compatible with plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, cement, leather, carpet, and glass.


  • MARK OFF AREAS DURING EVENTS: Whether you're organizing a concert or a trade show, the XFasten stage tape can be used to mark off areas for performers, vendors, or attendees. Its matte finish ensures it blends seamlessly into the background, creating a neat and polished look.
  • SECURE CABLES AND CORDS: Gaffer tape is excellent for securing cables and cords to surfaces, creating a neat and organized workspace.
  • CREATE VISUAL CUES: It is an excellent tool for creating visual cues, such as outlining a stage or creating a makeshift ruler. Its strong adhesive ensures that lines won't move or fade, so you can have confidence in your measurements.
  • TEMPORARILY HOLD PROPS: If you're working on a photo or film shoot, this floor tape for electrical cords can also be used to temporarily hold props in place and ensure that props won't move or fall, even during the most action-packed shots.

    BLACK. Black Gaffers Tape is the most commonly used color as it is often used in stage and film productions as floor tape for electrical cords and marking stage positions.

    WHITE. On the other hand, White Gaffer Tape is most commonly used for semi-permanently labeling things because you can write on it with any color and it will still be visible. Most of the time it's used to write on the clapperboard, lavalier, and walkies that are assigned to specific people.

      MULTIPURPOSE: Not only can you use the XFasten Gaffer Tape in a professional setting, but it can also be used to organize your cables or even as an alternative to Duct Tape.

      EXCELLENT ADHERING POWER: Enforced with rubber adhesive that's water and abrasion-resistant.

      CREATED FOR PROFESSIONALS: Specifically created for professionals who are looking for a reliable, heavy-duty professional-grade gaffer tape.

      USE IT FOR LABELING PROJECTS: Aside from serving its purpose as a floor marker in photography and film shoots, you can also use this gaff tape as a masking tape for other projects, such as labeling. You can easily write on its cloth material.

      MOVABLE GAFFER'S TAPE: Although it is known for its adhesive strength, you can also easily move it when needed, and you don't have to worry about peeling off the wall or floor paint when doing so.