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XFasten Wire Harness Tape, 3/4-Inch by 50-Foot (5-Pack)

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The XFasten Wire Harness Tape was designed with the goal of empowering average car owners achieve professional-grade results on maintaining and repairing their automotive and engine wiring and cables. It has a low skill and mastery requirement, that everyone can use it easily from beginners to professionals.

Why Choose the XFasten Engine Wire Loom Wrap Tape?

BUILT TO LAST AGAINST EXTREME CONDITIONS. With -40 F to 257 F of operating temperature, the XFasten Cloth Electrical Tape can last well on your car.

RELIABLE PERFORMANCE FOR LONG-TERM USE. Unlike other wire harness tapes that oozes out a messy goo after being exposed to heat, the XFasten Engine Wire Loom Tape can last for years without residue-leak thanks to it being high-heat resistant, corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and puncture-resistant.

EASY TO USE FOR FAST-PACED MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR. With the Felt Car Cable Tape’s pressure-sensitive adhesive, it can be used to bundle quickly and efficiently, especially on hard-to-reach cables.

EXTREMELY STRONG BUT EASY TO TEAR. Some wire loom harness tapes have a strong adhesive but are very hard to cut by hands. We designed the XFasten Automotive Wire Loom Harness Tape to have a strong adhesive and puncture-resistant cloth backing while. On top of that, thanks to it having a bidirectional weaving, it can be torn with bare hands without losing any tensile strength.

KEEP YOUR CABLES IN PRISTINE CONDITION. The XFasten Wire Harness Tape was precisely engineered to have a similar thickness, tensile strength, and look and feel with OEM brands so that you can always feel that your cables and wires are always in pristine condition.

Why Choose the XFasten Brand?

More than delivering premium products, our goal is to satisfy our customers. If you have any problems with our tape, even after several months after your purchase, just contact us.

  • High temp Wire Harness Automotive Cloth Tape with excellent sound and rattle dampening performance. Lessens coil whining and lasts well against elevated temperatures (-40℉ - 257℉).
  • Sports a race-spec heavy-duty bundling performance but cleanly tears with just bare hands, EMPOWERING average car owners with LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE in automotive maintenance to achieve PROFESSIONAL-GRADE results in function and form.
  • This Wire Loom Tape features an extremely strong adhesive but does not turn into a messy goo. Rated to last up to 6 years and can easily get you through 150k miles of mileage.
  • Its bi-directional weave makes it puncture-resistant and abrasion and corrosion-resistant. This automotive felt tape preserves cables in their pristine condition.
  • This engine tape wrap is similar, if not better, in thickness, tensile strength and looks with OEM wire harness tapes. Extra-sticky adhesive enables users to bundle hard-to-reach cables quickly.