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Tips & Instructions For XFasten Anti Slip Tape (Bathtub Material) 2" x 30'

  • Make sure that the surface which you are attaching the tape is extremely clean and dust-free. It is important that the surface does not have any soap residue or any other substances that may weaken the adhesive. Also, prevent your hands from touching the adhesive side of the tape. Oils, dust and dirt can greatly lessen the adhesive's strength so it would be best to follow this instruction carefully. You can wash the area beforehand and let it dry or wipe it out using a rug to ensure that it is clean and ready for the adhesive.


  • Ensure that the surface is dry prior to the installation. Our adhesives are made to be submerged, however, for the initial bonding, a dry surface is really needed.


  • The installation pattern for the tapes and the gaps in between them can affect the traction that it can provide. We would like to inform you that a diagonal application pattern is highly recommended so that the foot would never be parallel to the tape strip orientation. Also, as a rule of thumb, the user's foot should be able to touch two strips at a time for any anti-slip tape to be useful.


  • After installing the tape strip, it is recommended to apply pressure to it using a rubber hammer or a roller. This would greatly increase the initial bonding strength of the adhesive. If you don't have these tools, you can use any cylindrical canister like a wine bottle.


  • Allow the adhesive to settle and cure for at least 12 hours before exposing it to heavy foot traffic or stress. This would ensure that it would stay in place for a long time.




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